Why and How: Defining or Becoming a Good Photographer – Part 2

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Photograph in black and white of a red deer stag in a forest with ferns in France.
Photograph in black and white of a red deer stag in a forest with ferns in France.

Quality 4: “Utilizing One or More Photographic Styles"

The mark of a good photographer is when you have at least one well-defined style. I usually choose to incorporate several. It is quite possible to develop several photographic styles to contrast with the vision and unique signature.

Although it is rare, some photographers have only one style. As a result, their signature might be mistaken for their style. Personally, I find that it eventually becomes boring. Regardless of whether the subjects are different, the atmosphere remains the same.

However, I believe that if you do not create many photographs, one style is acceptable, as you are only creating a few dozen photographs a year.

If you are creating more than 150 or 200 photographs a year, than it is possible to utilize several styles.

Nevertheless, they must not be diametrically opposed, but similar with variations.

Of course, these photographic styles must be a declination of your signature, so that your style is structured.

Quality 5: "Wielding Laser-Like Precision Within Your Artistry"

If you are average photographer who can create a series of photos with laser-like precision than you are a good photographer.

This means that you can create consistent photographs that exactly align with your definitions.

Making specific artistic choices in a project is an essential quality. Ordering your photographic approach according to precise, simple criteria to be implemented during sessions will allow you to capture photos that are easily recognized by your audience.

You will be able to emerge from the mass of other average photographers. You will exist, due to the precision of your photographic vision. Thus, having a specific vision is essential.

Quality 6: "Coding Photography into Your DNA"

You are a good photographer when your desire to create photos is so strong that it seems to be present in your blood. It becomes part of your DNA.

If this desire is present for you, when you get up in the morning, the first idea that comes to mind is to capture a photo or a series.

The idea to create images is nearly an obsession to you.

. When this sixth quality of “coding photography into your DNA” meets the first quality of “knowing how to last”, it may be blurred. This is because it is an impression, a way of life.

I believe that the creation of a photo or a series does not simply occur during the moment of the shooting or during the development. The creation of a photo is a complex process that takes time. Initially, you must craft an idea, even if it is fuzzy. Little by little, it develops until it is concrete. If you arrive on the field without having prepared properly, your photographs will not carry the same brilliance and you will not stand out as a unique photographer.

Quality 7: "Imparting Meaning to Life Through Photography"

Generally, I believe that life truly does not make sense. We did not ask anyone to be born. For years, we are educated without fully understanding our choices and decisions.

It is only after a long period of maturation and learning that some of us may discover our destiny.

You may be one of those people who decided that their choices in life accurately represented their desires and destiny. I have placed myself in this category.

You may have decided to make sense of your life by analyzing and making well-calculated decisions.

If one of these lifestyle choices is photography, then you are a good photographer. You do not merely take pictures on a whim. Your photographs have become a way to create, to testify, to express emotion, and to transmit messages.

I believe that the choice to give meaning to your life through photography is one characteristic of a good photographer.

Quality 8: "Never Be Afraid of Failure"

A good photographer lacks a fear of failure. Do not be afraid of failures, refusals, or criticisms. To be a photographer is to be alive. Just as a game of chess sharpens your skills regardless of who wins or loses, practicing photography allows you to develop your photographic approach.

Lacking a fear of failure paves the way for the creation of interesting and meaningful photos.

In my career, I have met photographers who managed to create good photos from their first projects. They were praised immediately. Sadly, since praise and fame do not last, they responded poorly to the negative criticism of less successful projects. They felt unloved and misunderstood. Since they had not been questioned before, they did not know how to receive constructive criticism. They stopped believing that their work had value and consumed the lie that people did not understand what they were doing. This is a sorry attitude because they were not bad photographers, rather, only a few of their photos were average.

To become a good photographer, you must be patient and perseverant. It is necessary that you focus on your trade without delays.

Quality 9: "Believing in Yourself"

To become a good photographer, you must believe in yourself. At first you may be the only one, but it is still a good start.

If you do not believe in yourself, no one will do it for you.

Never devalue your creations or you will become demotivated.

Your confidence in your capabilities allows you to try new technical or artistic experiences. You must understand that only your imagination is your limit.

Even if your photographs do not meet the success you hope for, keep moving forward, keep making small changes. If you believe in yourself, you will eventually succeed in creating interesting photos.

Quality 10: "Seeking Excellence at All Times"

To become a good photographer, you must always strive for excellence.

Excellence is defined as the eminent degree of quality that a person achieves in his or her field.

You must realize immediately that it is impossible to achieve excellence because you can always go further in the quest for quality.

Yet one thing is certain: you may always strive to achieve excellence.

Never be afraid to look for the best setting, to invent new techniques, and to look for new lines of development in your photographs.

You must be constantly looking for pictures that stand out from a crowd of other images. Never be satisfied with what you have accomplished. Always strive to do better next time. The price you pay for not being satisfied with what is average will promote you to the position of good photographer.

Quality 11: "Never Give Up"

To become a good photographer, you must never give up your photographic choices, whether they are artistic or not. You are free. Your desire for freedom to create, to express oneself, to share your feelings, and to express your emotions, can cause turmoil within you. It can be difficult to balance.

If you make the meaning of a picture reflect something in your life, you will always remember it. You must believe in your choices even when it may seem difficult. If you let go of all your calculated decisions, all the effort you have made will never be successful.

Always venture to the end of your possibilities. If you ever feel limited by one idea, change direction and focus. Take other paths to reach your goals.

Quality 12: "Affirm Your Photographer Status"

You live in a society of resigned people whom are often bound by their struggles.

To be a good photographer and affirm your status, you must fight against yourself and the rest of the world.

The freedom to create photographs is a fight in each moment of expression. You may not even be aware of this ongoing battle against the mundane.

You must always try to create new photographs, complete your photographic vision and enrich your photographic style.

It is at this price that you will be able to create interesting photos that emerge from the mass of anonymous people.

Quality 13: "Step Out of Your Comfort Zone"

As I wrote in this article, you must learn how to regularly step past your comfort zone to create interesting photos. If you are still confined by your own familiar abilities, you will constantly repeat the photos that established your success and your recognition.

Do not hesitate to change, test new techniques, or to venture to new horizons. You must not fear the unknown.

By exploring new creative paths, you will find refreshing sources of inspiration. They will allow you to enrich your photographic process and enhance your artistic approach.

The world is vast, complex, and sometimes incomprehensible, which makes it so beautiful and interesting.

Quality 14: "Perfectly Mastering Your Photo Equipment"

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