Wildbirds of the swamps of La Dombes in France

Birds of the swamps of La Dombes in France

For that second trip in La Dombes, a marshy region located north of Lyon in the department of Ain in France, we enjoyed very specific weather conditions. The north wind was sometimes violent and cold preventing the surface birds out of the reedbeds. Most species such as great crested grebes, coots nest away from predators. These conditions have allowed us to focus on wading birds. During this trip, we were able to observe and photograph many interesting species such as the purple heron, gray heron, squacco, the Little Egret or Great White Egret. This time we also had the chance to photograph the famous European kingfisher. All photos were taken from floating blinds. This is the only technique to get close enough without scaring birds.

The slideshow as a podcast(download)

This musical slide show was generated in HD quality to offer you the best quality of my photographs. The file size is important, but it's the only way for me to show the quality of my photographic work. This slide show is in AVI format. It can be read on any computer either if that you have a PC or a MAC. You can use Media Player or Quick Time. I recommend to use the VLC media player which is available for free on internet. Click on the download button to copy the movie to your computer. For security reasons, it is contained in a zip file.

The musical slideshow can be displayed on tablets running under Android system. The movie will be stored in the "download" folder.

Download the musical slideshow
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