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Rental of the photographic exhibition "Lights and colors of the coast of Charente Maritime"

The photographs in the exhibition are alternating between warm and cold tones.
The photographs in the exhibition are alternating between warm and cold tones.

Our exhibition is "Lights and colors of the coast of Charente Maritime" is available for rent. It targets communities, tourist resorts or companies wishing to show the hidden beauties of this French region. The loan of the exhibition is subject to a lease negotiated between the parties, which may vary depending on the size of the event, location and duration. A data sheet will be provided. Photographers may be present for an opening or a presentation. Contact us for the rental terms and availability of the exhibition.

Rigid panels or walls are enough to hang our art photographs. This exhibition has already been temporarily shown to Royan, Saint Georges de Didonne, Jonzac and La Rochelle. This exposure can be used indoors or outdoors but protected from the weather.

The subtitle of the exhibition is "Rediscover the hidden treasures of the coast of Charente Maritime, dressed with lights and unique colors." Indeed, some photos show known locations of Charente. Most local people were surprised how the subjects have been photographed. The photographed subjects were sublimated by the lights and colors, making them even more special.

Two years of work were needed to achieve those 20 shots. The 20 photographs are available in a 60 by 90 centimeters of the stuck against dibon (aluminum plates reinforced by a plexiglass plate).

The photographs presented in this exhibition illustrate our vision of landscape photography. The first two elements of our photographs are the lights and colors. We always try to place the sun in our photos. As we like saturated colors, we always choose scenes with colorful subjects. The photographs of the exhibition are alternating bewteen cold and warm tones. Saturated colors in our subjects are dressed in lights. But we like to add a touch of structures and textures in the materials. These materials can be either in the sky like clouds or so human as architectural structures. or mudflats or earth. It is often difficult to account for textures with a camera even if we use long exposures. They are naturally present in our photos but are not pronounced. We just revive them. In this vein material recovery, we like to use the reflection of light at the water surface to create very high contrast areas to better attract the eye.

We asked the local poet Bernard Vassel to dress our photographs of his texts. We talked of our pictures, and he, on his writing. Sewing up the idea of ​​collaboration has germinated. We appreciated his poems and his very bare world. We found many points of resemblance between his work and ours.