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Fine Art Print Collections in Back to Black

I want to share my fine art prints of nature in a personal style that I call "back to black."

"Back to Black" was developed to embody a sharp and clean style for artistic photos that can be hung in your living room, bedroom, or professional living space.

Example of a home interior with fine art prints in my style back to black displayed on the wall. These photos are a part of my collection 'Wild beauties of Kenya'.
Example of a home interior with fine art prints in my style back to black displayed on the wall. These photos are a part of my collection 'Wild beauties of Kenya'.

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Showcase the Wonders of Nature in Back to Black

The purpose of these photos in my back to black style is to stimulate your imagination. I wanted an original style, very personalized. All the photographed subjects are presented with a black background to focus on the essentials. The superfluous details are hidden in the black shadows. The details that had no direct relation with the subject were erased as if they were not important.

Often, most of the photographed animals or fish are presented with a natural background. While these backgrounds can be interesting and beautiful, but also incredibly detailed and distracting. I really wanted something fresh and simple. In creating this style, I wanted to take a step beyond the traditional wildlife photo.

I wanted to create art photographs that look unreal. I wanted to play the role of a captivating photographic magician. I imagined having a big black hat from which I could pull out subjects and present them to you.

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The black background of each photo is like a jewel box in the middle of which shines a wonder of nature. I wanted to create photos that would catch the eye by evoking great mysteries.

This back to black style allows me to make photos that give off a great deal of serenity and calm. They are soothing and yet stimulate your mind and encourage contemplation.

The black allows me to highlight the subjects. The visual impact is extraordinarily strong. When you have one of these photos hanging in your home, you can be sure that it will not leave anyone feeling indifferent. I took the time to make these photos to have the most beautiful lights possible. My goal is to emphasize the details of specific subjects.

I created this style to give the impression of having photographed scenes and subjects in nature as if I were in a studio with artificial lights. However, all these photos were taken in natural environments. Although the land photos were taken with natural light, many of the underwater photos were taken with flashes to show details and freeze the movement of the fish. Nevertheless, there is still a theme of using natural light to accomplish a specific goal.

Most of these pictures show you wild animals. I wanted to show their elegance, their beauty, and the delicacy in the movement. The eyes of the animals are an essential element. Often, they are penetrating and inquisitive while remaining very benevolent.

These back to black art photos will have a magnetic effect when hung in your home. They will arouse interest and many questions.

I wish you a beautiful journey in a very ethereal, dreamlike, and cathartic universe.

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