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Why It is Better to Choose Fine Art Prints Ready to Display in your Living Space?

Fine art print's popularity lies in its aesthetic look and artistic vision. With proper composition and contrasts, a fine art print introduces you to a new world and gives a sublimate feel of untouched nature.

If you want to reconnect with all of those precious moments and the wonders of nature, you should choose display-ready fine art prints for your living or professional spaces. Curious to know why is it a better option for you?

With this article, you can explore fine art print durability, authenticity, and other criteria.

Une photo d'art d'un arbre en noir et blanc exposée dans un salon.
A fine art print of a tree in black and white displayed in a sitting room. This fine art print has been delivered ready to hang.

Which Print Should You Choose: Poster Print, Photo Print & Fine Art Print?

As an art lover or a collector, you may face many difficulties in purchasing fine art prints, including:

  • Fine artwork quality.
  • Printing materials.
  • Color reproduction.
  • Technology.
  • Longevity.
  • Pricing variance.

And all these issues can be resolved by understanding the key difference between fine art print, poster print, and photo print. Without any delay, let us get started!

What Is a Poster Print?

A poster print is a reproduction or copy of the original artwork. It is made with low-quality materials (ink and thin semigloss/a sheet of paper) and technology (giclee or chemical-based photographic development processes).

For this reason, the prints have color saturation, resolution, and quality issues.

Why Should You Choose Poster Print?

Poster prints offer the cheapest ways to adorn bare walls over time. Let us look at some factors below when and why you choose poster prints:

  • Cost less than other art prints.
  • Short-term promotional events(i.e., trade shows), marketing campaigns, and other advertising purposes.
  • Offer bulk quantities at a time.
  • Easily fit into an expansive surface.
  • Offer different sizes without considering quality and durability.

What is a Photo Print?

The photo print or photographic print refers to paper dedicated to print photo on a regular basis printer. It is smooth and gives you a gentle polish. However, you can get these prints without investing much because of their low-quality finish and lifespan.

Why Should You Choose a Photo Print?

The photo prints are available in different supermarkets, but it is easily damaged by scratching and liquids. Let us look at some factors below why and when you can use it:

  • Offer a glossy finish than fine art prints.
  • Cost-effective and serve in a bulk amount.
  • Various color variations.
  • Provide a natural look, highlights, and shadows.

What is Fine Art Print?

The art print refers to high-quality archival pigment giclee prints. Unlike photo prints or poster prints, these prints use pigment-based inks and acid-free fine art paper. The combination of printing technology and materials creates an attractive, fade-resistant, water-resistant, and long-lasting print.

Why Should You Choose a Fine Art Print?

  • Offer great investment.
  • Print images are not turned yellow, cracked, or worn out.
  • Popular in museums and galleries.
  • Provide glossy, luster, and metallic photo papers.
  • Offer a traditional and unique look.
  • Offer perfect color combinations, composition, and a wide range of gray tones.

After going through the differences, you get proper knowledge about print materials, quality, and pricing facts. Now it is time to experience another key factor before purchasing a fine art print.

Without further ado, let us get started!

Which One is Best for You - Limited or Open Edition?

Before diving into depth, let us understand what limited and open fine art print editions are.

Limited Edition

It is a series of original and exact replicas of nature or artistic photographs. Only a limited number of copies are available for sale.

Open Edition

It is a series of prints with an indefinite number of copies and has durability issues. Also, the printing medium is different from the original artwork.

Limited vs. Open

  • Limited editions add value over time, sometimes a lot comparing the purchasing amount. On the other hand, open editions are not investment worthy for their accessibility and bulk numbers of prints.
  • Limited edition art gives you a real-life experience and a divine feel. Open-edition art has lacked connecting you with your inner beauty.
  • Limited fine art prints give you a long-lasting guarantee with an artist's signature and authenticity certificate. With an open edition, you will not get these facilities.

Why it is a Good Idea to Display a Fine Art Print in Your Living Space?

Fine art prints are the real gem of nature. Every piece of art represents unique moments and feelings that evoke you to be a part of those serene charms. And with the proper framing and compositions, the art gets its authenticity.

Curious to know: why you buy a display-ready fine art print and how it makes you unique. Go through the section below:

1. It Is a High-Quality Art Print

You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at the picture for a second and think of it all your life.
Joan Miro.

Original art requires no words to express its beauty because they are not just a print but the soul of an artist. Every piece of art is made with so much care and love by using high-quality paper, ink, and printing technology that ensures its authenticity, durability, and long-lasting lifespan.

2. It Reflects Your Personality

Art is a line around your thoughts.
Gustav Klimt.

Do you ever notice the dark beauty of mother nature? Or the authentic view of a waterfall? If yes, you might choose one artwork that creates a unique, individual bond with the prints.

You must fall in love with a fine art print, not only because you find it aesthetically pleasing but because it relates to your specific feeling, memory, or philosophy.

3. It Respects the Natural Habitat

The value of art lies in its perfect composition that evokes you to visit those places or be a part of nature's divine beauty. Imagine a view of the first rays of the sun on the mountains and the wake-up scenery of mother nature.

With that scenery, you can enjoy life's simple and most powerful moments on earth. Fine art prints allow you to enjoy new sensations of life with your wildest dreams.

4. It Breathes Life into Your Space

Art touches you emotionally and gives you a reason to highlight your emotions. Having an original and display-ready art piece in your personal or office space can make a dull room shine with colors and lots of evoking stories.

Every artwork offers you dreamlike atmospheres that evoke sweetness, tranquility, and serenity, from wildlife fine art print to underwater.

5. It Is a True Investment

Fine art prints are a real investment whose value will not decrease as time flies. Also, a laminated and framed art print saves your time and expenses. From the art printing process to the final touch, every stage requires lots of observation to showcase its emotions.

6. It Inspires Creativity

Symbolic fine art print allows you to find the hidden message of the scenario and a conceptual one helps enrich your creativity. To find out the details or build a relationship between an artist and art, you must reach the artwork with every detail and emotion.

7. It Evokes Certain Feelings

Fine art prints stimulate your imagination and invite you to explore more. Do you ever notice the superfluous or exciting details in black shadows? Or, ever tried to find out the light and color harmony? Black and white fine art prints allow you to explore nature's unseen beauty.

On the contrary, color one gives you beautiful light patterns around the subjects. With these compositions, you get the real meaning of your life.

8. It Matches Every Interior Style

Landscape, abstract, or minimalistic fine art prints easily match every interior style. Only you need to choose one as per your decor and focal point. You can get your dreamlike environment anywhere with customized framing and color combinations.

Why Guillen Photo is the Best for Buying Fine Art Print?

Fine art prints allow you to dream and escape by reconnecting with nature. Authentic and original art has the power to gift you the calm, well-being, and tranquility that you are searching for in your life. And with an artistic touch, the art achieves its real evoking power.

With Guillen Photo, you get an incredible view of the untouched or hidden nature which invites you to feel the fleeting beauty of life. Let us scroll down to reveal the essence of a fine art print order at Guillen Photo:

High-quality Paper & Method

All fine art photos are printed on quality paper and use the latest technology to ensure a fantastic color range, high resolution, and aesthetic look. The print offers a long-lasting guarantee with different base tones and surface structures used for both professional and personal spaces.

Contemporary & Museum Finishes

In Guillen's Photo, you get different finishes of fine art prints depending on the art hanging place, personal taste, and budget. Museum finishes offer sturdy surfaces, shadow box frames, and Hahnemühle paper artwork. On the contrary, contemporary finishes are protected by an acrylic layer and photo laminated on Dibond.

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Limited Edition

Guillen Photo serves only limited edition (3 copies) fine art prints to protect the value of your artwork with a beautiful finish. Not only that, but every art is also delivered with a certificate of authenticity and signed. Let us decorate your space with an authentic and precious art piece.

Custom Frames & Sizes

You get a professional hanging system with bump stops, high-quality custom frames, and size options from abstract fine art prints to conceptual, landscape, or symbolic art prints. Also, your fine art print will be displayed over decades without fading, tearing, or cracking.

Live & Powerful Details

Do you want to experience unique and intense emotions through sceneries of nature? This fine art gallery invites you to feel the calmness and introspection of nature's incredible living creatures.

Also, you can get versatile options to keep pace with trends by buying a fusion style, color fine art print, or black and white fine art print.

Final Verdict

After completing this article, we hope you get proper reasons to choose or purchase display-ready fine art prints. Now it is time to decorate your living space with personality, style, and thoughts.

But before purchasing, consider the interior space, furniture, and other things to re-innovate the charm.

Happy ordering !