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How a Fine Art Print Can Make You Unique

You might experience different but incredible birds, wild creatures, and underwater beauty in nature. Isn't the wonders of mother nature and those beauties in real life giving you a heavenly feel?

Sometimes you may wish to flee from the noise.

And for this reason, you purchase artwork to create your own planet that relates you to nature daily. With fine art print, you can easily satisfy your desire because the artwork gives you a real vision of reality.

However, sometimes you may face a dilemma about why you purchased those prints. Or what is their uniqueness that costs higher than regular print? We design this article to summarize all fine art photo print factors like quality, uniqueness, and others. So, why delay? Let us get started!

UUne photo d'art d'un héron dans une salle d'attente. Cette photo est dans le style fusion.
A fine art print displayed in a waiting room. This photo was created in the fusion style.

What Is a Fine Art Print?

As a collector  or just an amateur of nice photos, you must have an idea about how important to buy original artwork. But when you want to purchase one, you might become confused with posters or fine art prints. Remember, the most important two features of fine art photography prints are:

  • an artistic object, not a genre of photography like others and
  • high-quality printing materials, including archival inks, floater frames, and giclee prints, ensure its value.

And here lies the difference between a fine art print and a poster or photographic print. Poster or photo print offers you lesser quality photo papers that are light-sensitive.

Do you ever notice a gentle polished look or a glossy finish art print in Walmart? All of those prints give you natural highlights and shadows. But in the end, these prints will not last long. On the contrary, fine art prints ensure long-lasting framing and quality.

Want to explore more about the uniqueness of fine art photo prints? Scroll down to reveal the beauty!

The Difference Between Limited Edition Prints and Open Edition Prints

Are you a lover, newbie, or an artwork collector of beautiful and aesthetic fine art prints? In the art market (physical or online), you get a vast amount of fine art print collections. But to live with the art in your home or workplace, you must understand different types of fine art photo print.

Without any delay, let's find some core differences between these artworks so that you can pick the best piece to reveal the Wonders of Nature.

Limited Edition Fine Art Print

Do you want a collectible and long-lasting print?

Limited edition artwork is the original creation of artist photographers who give more attention to portraying a story. Also, these prints are valued as original artwork. Let us look at some key perks of limited fine art print below:

  • They are available only in 30 copies maximum in all media and formats.
  • The print will be signed.
  • They are delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity that is valid worldwide.
  • They have a guarantee of durability.
  • High-quality art paper and archival ink are used to make it.
  • They are beautiful, timeless, and elegant pieces.
  • Limited edition costs high than open edition and tends to increase in value over time.

Open Edition Fine Art Print

Are you searching for an affordable print to change your interior design?

Open edition print allows you to fulfill your desire because it is reproduced repeatedly in any quantity and surface you want. Also, the photo print is not created in the same medium as the original artwork.

Let us look at some key perks of a fine art print in open edition:

  • It is offered you in an unlimited number of the same artwork for purchase.
  • Sometimes open edition prints include a signature, though it is rare.
  • Do not usually come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Will not guarantee durability.
  • Often pigment-based ink and matte paper are used to make it.
  • Open edition print costs are low compared to limited ones and tend not to increase value.

Signed vs. Non-signed Fine Art Print

The artist's signature signifies that the artwork is finished and claims ownership of it. Also, it bears the artistic tradition. And here lies the core difference between signed and non-signed artwork.

Let us find out the core things why signed fine art has more value compared to non-signed ones.

Signed Fine Art Prints

  • Signed fine art prints ensure exceptional artwork.
  • Prove the originality to the world that a professional artist creates, completes, and approves it.
  • Colors will remain intact over time and will not turn yellow.
  • Each signed art proves that it meets precise and serious technical requirements.
  • Help collectors or fine art lovers find out the real artist.
  • Traditionally no changes and variations will be made after it has been signed.

Non-signed Fine Art Prints

  • The non-signed art prints will not offer timeless and exceptional art pieces.
  • Have no originality because it can be reproduced to fulfill buyers' demands.
  • Have no color, paper, and lasting guarantee.
  • The targeted point is to sell and will not meet any technical requirements.
  • You will not get the real identity of the artist.
  • The art is reproduced over and over again as per buyers' needs.

10 Reasons Fine Art Print Can Make Someone Unique

It is time to discover why a fine art print can make you unique by revealing who you are.

Without any further ado, let us start the journey!

1. Authenticity for Artwork

Fine artwork's authenticity lies in its evoking power and technologies. Every material ensures fine-tuned print quality to reveal the inner beauty of nature. Also, it expresses the artistic photographer's passion which helps you to explore new paths in your daily life.

2. An Investment, not Only a Purchase

Imagine purchasing an art print that is a collectible asset that will be worth if you sell it. Fine art prints are worth buying because of their popularity, rarity, or both.

3. Deserve Your Undivided Attention

As you know, a fine art print is not only a picture framed to display in your living space. It is all about your thinking, uniqueness, personality, style, and many more. As a creative person, you can deserve unique pieces of art.

4. Reveal Your Personality

Fine art prints exhibit your story, value, and thoughts by treasuring the ethereal scenes without futile details. Want to treat yourself to a contemplative introspection through the wonders of art? Buy fine art print online now and reveal your personality!

5. Positive Psychological Effects

Do you want to flee from your daily busy life? Or you may search for a way to focus on your imagination and wander. Nature has the power to fulfill your demand by gifting lots of creative perspectives. You can bring nature to your space.

6. Color Affects Your Mood

Fine artwork collections are full of incredible natural beauty where you get different color photographs and timeless photos (Black and white). All of these photos give you joy, happiness, and relaxation.

7. Emotional Connection

Want to discover unique sites of nature and magical moments? Artistic photographers help you to find peace and quietness in nature at home. And when you link with this artist, you will get fine art that reveals your inner beauty.

8. It looks Different

In the world, everyone is different from each other. Like humans' nature or creativity, fine art print represents the diverse beauty of nature. And by displaying one, you will be proud and different from it because each piece of art reflects you.

9. Vivid & Original Artwork

Do you ever feel excited about seeing the giant waterfall or Red Sea? If yes, then you must wish to visit those places and feel every droplet of joy, but you can't fulfill your wish for your busy schedule. With original artwork, you get the same vivid feelings.

10. Introduce with Minimalist Lifestyle

Are you tended to classical forms of artwork that represent life with its true essence? Minimalist fine art or nature fine art prints are the best choice because the art offers you an aesthetically pleasing and more straightforward nature view.

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Why Guillen Photo for Collecting Artistic and Unique Fine Art Prints?

Fine art prints are the hidden treasure of nature that gives you a relaxing and aesthetic view in one frame. All these artworks' beauty lies in a world of art and creation.

Do you want to buy a fine art print of nature to show who you are? Or you must be searching an art marketplace to purchase limited edition fine art.

In Guillen Photo, you explore nature's beauty with an artist-photographer touch that gives you tranquility in your daily life. Every piece shares similar aspirations and values, from wildlife fine art prints to abstract and landscape fine art prints.

Each limited fine art is available in 30 copies maximum in all media and formats, signed, and a certificate of authenticity.

Final Verdict

Fine art prints are a hidden gemstone of nature that allows you to assert your style and personality. We hope that you have no confusion about this artwork's price, quality, and uniqueness by going through this article.

Without delay, let us decorate your home or offices with a fine art print that gives your visitors a unique perception of you.