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Differences Between Fine Art Prints, Photo Prints and Posters

Our lives are full of stories. Fine art prints are the source of expressing these stories with emotions. For this reason, art is essential to give us refreshed, free, and exhilarated life with colors, creativity, shapes, and imagination. But sometimes people consider that owing the original fine art print seems less important because of price or lack of real interest.

However, a real one has the power to bring life to a room by showing the personality, value, and taste of a person. Also, an artist's fine art print offers a great topic of conversation and gives a long-lasting investment. But when you buy a lower-priced art, it won't give you artists' perceptions and styles.

Whenever you choose the right and original one, you should know some factors about posters and photo prints. To get the proper reason why choose fine art print, go through our article fine art print vs. photo print.

22 fine art prints of Antelope Canyon in black and white displayed in a bathroom.
2 fine art prints of Antelope Canyon in black and white displayed in a bathroom.

What Is a Fine Art Print?

The fine art photographic prints are considered original artwork that highlights the artist's story. Professional photographs are printed on high-quality and acid-free fine art papers and use a high-resolution large format printer in this art print.

However, fine art paper prints are also known as giclée prints because it is made with quality archival inks. Also, the prints won't fade, crack or turn yellow and last over a hundred years.

The main purpose of making fine art prints is to give an artistic view of photographers and creative patterns so that you can relate your thoughts to these printings. For this reason, these artworks are popular in most museums and galleries to preserve for decades.

What Is a Photo Print?

The photo print is a copy of a fine art print of a photo. And to make these prints, photo papers or lesser quality papers are used that are light-sensitive. Generally, a digital photo is used to turn it into a physical image for display.

Though the paper is smooth and has a gentle polished look or a glossy finish. For this reason, the prints may look natural with amazing highlights and shadows. It is easily damaged by scratching and liquids.

The photo prints are printed on standard paper print, which you can get from any local supermarket and costs only a few dollars.

What is a Poster?

A poster print is made with lower quality inks and papers compared to photo prints. Glossy-type poster paper comes in flexible shapes and sizes. However, poster paper is water-resistant and won't rip easily when it gets wet. For this reason, it is used as a temporary advertising tool.

You can get it at an affordable price for its lower standard quality. But it won't last long and need more attention to prevent damage.

Fine Art Print and Photo Print: What is The Difference?

Sometimes people are confused between fine art and photo prints pricing and don't find the differences between them. Do you experience the same issues and want to reveal the secret?

Let's observe some factors below:

  • Fine Art Paper vs. Photo Paper: With fine art, you get better quality papers, colors, and contrast.
  • Limited edition: Fine art print in limited edition is considered original artwork. In contrast, photo print is a copy of a photograph or artwork.
  • Creation: Fine art is created by an artist or photographer representing a personal attitude or artistic vision. In photo print, an artistic photographer won't play an important role.
  • Quality: The hidden beauty or quality of a fine art print is to provide emotion that connects you with your own stories. But photo print has the lack of emotion that you miss a lot.
  • Cost: Photo prints are less expensive than fine art prints because they are printed using low-quality inks or papers. Fine art prints are quite costly because they are printed on quality paper with no damaging issues.
  • Glossy or Matte: Fine art paper is matte, thick, lightly textured, and smooth. Whereas photo paper is glossier and less thin and smooth than fine art.
  • Lifespan: Fine art paper lasts over a century. But photo paper won't last long.
  • Versatility of Art: Fine art print gives you intense colors and contrast. Photo print won't serve the versatility of depth of the details.
  • Dust-proof: The photo print easily smudges and collects dust. But a fine art print is perfect that it has no smudges and dust problems.
  • Flexible Size: The size may be limited compared to fine art prints in a photo print.
  • Damage: In photo print, lighting may cause damage to the photograph, whereas fine art print has no damaging issues.
  • Enhance Beauty: Photo print creates the perception of being separated from the track. But fine art suits all types of interior design and increases the beauty of those places.
  • Limited Edition: Photo print does not offer a limited edition, whereas fine art provides an amazing and rare print edition.

Normal photo prints are best when you won't bother with a top-quality finish and want to display photos occasionally. With fine art prints, you can represent your attitude to others. Also, the printing symbolizes both luxury and simplicity that suits all types of interior designs.

However, etchings art is an old printing process. With fine art etchings, you can feel the secret of art that presents different colors, patterns, and shapes.

In contrast, photo print serves you different types of art platforms at affordable pricing. But bear in mind that a real masterpiece is worth more than a photo print because it matches your criteria perfectly.

So, Which One is Right for You - Fine-Art Print or Photo Print

Fine art symbolizes an aesthetic view that expresses an artist photographer's emotions and perceptions. But in photo print, you won't get the beauty of art and creation. A fine art print is called a masterpiece when it gives you realistic and conceptual ideas.

If you consider the paper quality, color rendering, and equipment calibration rather than creativity and artistic view, you won't get the hidden beauty of fine art print. However, quality art is investment-worthy because it lasts over a century without fades, cracks, or damage.

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Also, if you think that you are unique and want to be the exception, you deserve artistic and exceptional fine art prints. For this reason, you should buy a fine art print for the quality.

Do you want to buy one to relate you with amazing shades or patterns? Or Do you want to feel the beauty of nature? You may try Guillen Photo, a flexible artwork place with suitable photo sizes and a limited fine art print edition.

Fine Art prints spread the joy of life. By purchasing one, you can enjoy your every moment by reducing stress. Also, the printings offer you different and interesting photographs collections like abstract, landscape, wildlife, underwater, and many more.

Final Verdict

An original fine art print brings an unexpected change to a space that no other print has the ability. Choosing art is a personal moment. For this reason, there is no good or bad fine art prints.

But you should choose artworks that you really love, emotionally connect and communicate with you. Also, the unique and creative fine art print has an artistic creation that gives a magical vibe, and you can't find a substitute for it.

If you go through the fine art vs. photo print article flawlessly, you get a proper explanation and reasons to choose the best one for you.