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9 Reasons Why Buying a Fine Art Print Can Make You Feel Good

If you ask me to show you a single thing that can dramatically improve the whole aesthetic of your house/office, I will show you a fine art print without even thinking twice! Thanks to its alluring view that can make you fall in love with it instantly!

Along with enhancing the look of your décor, this eye-catching art print is able to make you feel even better as well. Feeling surprised? Well, then let's get familiar with the 9 reasons why buying a fine art print can make you feel good. Hopefully, you'll be surprised to see how effective it really is!

A fine art print framed of the collection 'Caddo Lake in Texas'. Amar Guillen, photographer artist.
A fine art print framed of the collection 'Caddo Lake in Texas'.

Are Fine Art Prints Worth Anything?

Compared to typical artworks, fine art prints ensure a more realistic and prominent look, giving your house a completely unique and aesthetic look. Considering this, the maker has to add a lot more things than usual to create some of the best fine art photos.

That's the reason why many of you find it a lot more expensive. But yes, it's equally more valuable than the traditional art prints out there. Since most of the fine art prints are promoted by top-class artists, the actual cost automatically increases at a rate between $100 to 4 million!

But is it worth getting a fine art print? The answer is a clear "yes" because of the classic and alluring appearance it shows off.

9 Reasons Why Buying a Fine Art Print Can Make You Feel Good

You may ask yourself, "Why should I spend a fortune to get a fine art photo print?" I've also seen many people asking about the necessity of buying this artwork. Trust me; there are so many reasons why buying such a thing can make you feel even better. Let me show you why:

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  1. A Fine Art Print Can Develop Our Empathy
    Have you become so numb from the terrible things occurring near you? Research proves that a top-class artist has the ability to develop empathy in other persons via their fine art prints. Believe it or not, fine art prints are liable to dramatically make their viewers way vulnerable and sensitive.
  2. Looking at a Fine Art Print Develops Our Intellectual Capacities
    Let me tell you a psychological fact – when you give close attention to any fine art prints, your brain itself starts working on them in order to deeply understand the visual information. And when we talk about children, fine art prints play a key role in engaging them on several levels. But why?
    Because it aids in supporting visual learning, creativity, eye-hand coordination, and such developmental skills, and need to mention – any realistic artwork allow your child to elicit his feelings and emotions.
  3. A Fine Art Print Can Help You to Know Yourself Better
    Everyone has their own preferences or choices, no matter whether it's about choosing a fine art print or anything else. The outer design, image type, picture quality, and overall appearance determine your actual test and choice.
    So, it's pretty obvious that you'll know more about your choices and favorites after considering or comparing fine art prints of different designs and characteristics.
  4. A Fine Art Print Can Make You Fall in Love
    A study of the UL (University of London) in 2012 reveals a secret that if anybody gives a look at the artwork, dopamine starts releasing instantly. And needless to say, it's a kind of chemical which is directly connected to love. And no need to mention that you'll get the same feeling from fine art prints since it's known as artwork.
  5. A Fine Art Print Can Contribute to Our Balance
    By getting the view from your fine art photo printing paper, you're allowed to experience emotions and feelings. And if you get into deep psychology, you'll get to know that fine artwork gives you the actual taste of getting out of reality, and at the same time, getting in the dreams to feel even better! This way, you'll find yourself in the ocean of imagination, a world different from reality.
  6. A Fine Art Print Evokes Emotion
    Lighting and color; these two things play a key role in making emotional tones. Surprisingly, lights from the surroundings assist in evoking a gesture and feeling of gentleness. But you may feel a little uneasy in case you switch the position from the above to the below.
    Speaking of the colors, it can dramatically enhance your artwork's emotional impact. Furthermore, it describes the visual effects, matching, and how you actually perceive multiple colors.
  7. A Fine Art Print Can Improve Your Mental Health
    A recent study of some neuroscientists has proved that either making artwork or looking at any fine art print reduces stress at least level! This way, it aids in improving your overall mental health by keeping you as much stress-free as possible.
    So, the people who are dealing with anxiety, cancer, and depression can get optimal satisfaction by expressing them via some vivid fine art print.
  8. A Fine Art Print Can Increase Blood Flow to the Brain
    Artworks or fine art print improve the overall function of the brain; there is a lot of scientific evidence available. Usually, it impacts your nervous system, blow flow, and interestingly, it also plays a vital role in improving serotonin levels.
    In 2011, a few expert professors experimented to see what really occurs in our brain after looking at any exquisite paintings. And guess what? The result was quite positive; many of them ended up with 10% more increased blood flow while viewing those tremendous artworks! Interesting, eh?
  9. A Fine Art Print Can Boost Memory
    Arts are responsible for enabling both of you and your children to elicit individuality and creativity. And no need to be surprised to hear that fine art is a great weapon when it comes to enhancing your memories. Feel free to use any of your favorite images or drawings in terms of sharpening the skills of memorization. This technique is pretty popular as conceptual visualization.

How to Choose Perfect Fine Art Prints?

Getting the best fine art photography print might be a little trickier, yet not impossible at all. From choosing the right proportions to getting familiar with the color combinations, so many things are involved.

Getting confused? Cool, I'm here to help you choose the perfect fine art prints. So, let's see what things you need to look for:

  1. Selecting the Correct Proportions
    Before looking at anywhere else, make sure to know about your décor first. In general, fine art prints suit the center/middle part of any decoration, especially to grab your attention. If you're going to place it inside your drawing room, I'd suggest taking the measurement of your sofa first, making sure the art print you want to purchase isn't bigger than 2/3 of the approximate size.
  2. Getting Familiar With the Size Where You Want to Set Up
    The title says it all; fine art prints are commonly available in standard sizes, depending on your décor's space. So, if you're looking for a fine art photography for your interior, make sure the wall where you're going to set up the artwork has adequate space available. According to my research, around 70-75% is the standard range to look for.
  3. This Has to Be Long-lasting!
    Put a smile on your face as a fine art printing paper is quite popular among the artwork enthusiasts due to its extended lifespan. Generally, it lasts for up to 100 years, depending on your caring and the way you're treating.
    However, you'd better look for the overall quality before making an ultimate purchase. Feel free to ask the sellers in terms of knowing its actual lifespan.
  4. Determine Where You Want to Adjust Your Fine Art Print
    There's no rocket science; fine art print photography is of tons of different appearances and designs. So, it's pretty obvious that you choose the one that matches your room most. For example, landscape pictures suit the bedroom, while a large gallery/scale is more suitable for your drawing room.
  5. Knowing the Color Combinations
    Last but certainly not least, you should have at least decent knowledge of color combinations, enjoying the artwork in the best way possible. White and black have always been my favorite. You can either go with red and yellow, yellow and black, or even green and blue to create an excellent combination.

Where to Buy Fine Art Print?

Let it be landscape, nature, or anything else; fine art prints are of so many different designs and characteristics. And the good thing is that it's pretty much available these days on either offline or online.

Want to get a quick view? Feel free to click here, where lots of exquisite choices are available for you, allowing you to decorate your personal or professional space in the way you really want to.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q's):

  1. What's the approximate lifespan of a fine art photo print?
    Interestingly, fine art photo prints can last for an extended period of time, depending on how you treat them. But in general, they last for up to 100 years without any issues.
  2. Can extreme sunlight fade my art prints?
    Unfortunately, it can! Although most of the fine art prints these days come with the capability to withstand the extreme heat of the sun, they tend to lose their quality day by day by getting close contact with the sun on a regular basis.
    So, what's the solution? Well, while adjusting a fine art print, ensure to look for the place which doesn't get direct sunlight. Also, you can take help from an extra UV glass, giving as much protection as possible to your exquisite photography.
  3. Which colors get faded too quickly in the sunlight?
    Orange, red, yellow are the common colors that tend to fade more quickly due to the poor caring and direct contact with sunlight. But you can save them once and for all, taking help from UV glass, which I've mentioned before.
  4. Fine art print vs. photo print – which one is better?
    Although each of them has its own unique specs and specialties, I'd say the fine art print deserves the front place due to its extended life and the more realistic view it shows off. Especially manufactured with non-acidic cotton, a fine art print is more durable and more capable of withstanding UV rays and moisture.
    Consequently, print fine arts last pretty longer with less yellowing, cracking, or even fading!

Wrapping It Up!

Now you should believe the importance of having a fine art print as I've shown you the 9 reasons why buying a fine art print can make you feel good!

Once again, I want to mention that getting fine art photography isn't just about making your house/office classier; it's also about giving you the chance to improve your mental health, develop your empathy, and boost up your memories!