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How to Choose a Fine Art Print for Your Commercial Space or your Office?

So, you probably have a commercial space or a business office, and you want to decorate, right? You may want to show your style or your personality? If your answer is yes, fine art prints are a good choice for you. Hands down, it is important for the commercial space or your business office to build a culture of quality, sophistication, and creativity.

Showing fine art prints in your space will make it stand out from competitors, as well as attract people. An easy way to attract customers is by purchasing fine art prints and framing them beautifully on the walls of your company. So here are some suggestions on how to go about doing this. So, let's get started!

Two fine art prints in black and white displayed in a meeting room of a tech company.
Two fine art prints in black and white displayed in a meeting room of a tech company.

What are the Benefits of Having Fine art Prints in the Commercial Space or Business Office?

Fine art prints in your commercial space or your business office can hold some benefits. What is a fine art print photograph? Well, a fine art print photograph is a picture that is displayed on a wall and shows who you are really and displayed the identity of your business.

The benefits of fine art prints in your commercial space or your business office include increased traffic and occupancy rates, enhanced exposure, better brand awareness, improved employee morale, and increased creativity. Fine art prints will also create a contemporary feel that will update your space with style and originality. They show your brand, who you are, what you do, your values.


Fine Art Prints Availability

A fine art print is an affordable alternative to hiring a photographer artist to create a photograph. If you already have all the furniture and interior design elements your project needs, a fine art print will add character to any space and give to your office a certain brightness and personality. It is hard to achieve with original works of art.


More Frames and Materials

The best photographer artists make versions of their art works so that you may choose the best suits your environment. It is a terrific way to personalize your environment. You can even use a frame to add character.


Smart Style

There are many different types of fine art prints you can choose from, including abstract, wildlife, landscape, underwater, conceptual. Finding a style that suits your own is simple with these. You choose the style depending on your personality or what you want to show.



What other piece of art can you display in a variety of different ways? An artwork print is one way to add personalization to a room. You can choose the wall size, frame color, and backlighting if necessary.

You can also commission photographer artists to create unique artwork for a specific venue or purpose. It allows you to refresh your environment and personalize it without paying an artist's time.

How to Choose a Fine Art Print for Your Commercial Space or your Business Office ?

Are you interested in more effective marketing strategies? Fine art print photography is the best option for your company. 

When it comes to decorating your commercial space or your business space, a fine art print selection is one of the most challenging decisions. Do not worry! I share with you few high-quality ideas to choose the perfect addition to your space.

  1. An office: The office area is typically a common space to decorate and integrate with the rest of your staff. You can choose fine art digital prints that represent your company well to make your office more attractive and professional.

    It can help build company culture and create a unique design element. Your employees feel like they are in a place where they can grow and develop.
  2. A meeting room: The owner or other clients make their decision sitting in the conference space. They will find it easier to concentrate on the face of the person sitting in front of them.

    Choose such fine art photography prints that match your company's culture with a positive meaning. Fine art prints show your company and present it in a uniqueness way.
  3. The lobby of a hotel: It is a nice place to have art prints. It illustrates the essence of your company and helps you build your brand. The lobby is also a common space where potential customers come in and out all day long. You can use fine art interior design to impress your audience.
  4. Rooms for hotel: Just like the lobby of a hotel, you should decorate the rooms by choosing the fine art interior design. In that case, make sure to go with the vibrant pictures, taking the aesthetic of hotel rooms to a whole new level!
  5. A restaurant: fine art photography prints are a great addition to your restaurant. They will give to your setting a unique character and make it homelier. When consumers see a photo of a beautiful boat or sunset on the wall, it can help ease their anxiety.
  6. A coffee shop: most coffee shops have a few tables outside the counter where customers can sit and enjoy their coffee. In this case, choosing a fine art photo print that depicts a beautiful and natural landscape is a perfect choice. You can also use fine art prints for customers so that they feel like they are on holiday.
  7. A club: if you run a club and have an area set up for dancing, choose beautiful fine art photos. It can be the perfect choice for decorating. These will give your customers a unique vibe and make them feel like they are in a luxurious spot. Your property will look fresh and stylish with a picture of clouds over a sunset.
  8. A bar: choose your fine art prints wisely. Consider that if you are in a noisy space and it can be difficult to focus on conversations between customers. You can use different fine art print sizes to add character and enhance your decorating scheme.

    Choose a photo collage and make it the focal point of your décor scheme.
  9. Art for hospitals: hospitals do not have as much space that they can use for decorating. That is why these places are the perfect place to use art prints. A harmonious colored fine art printmaking can make patients feel more relaxed and calmer.

    Maybe a flower with the aroma of lavender in the air by printing on fine art paper can make your mind peace. It could be what you need to complete your décor scheme. Art in hospitals should reflect the values and ethics instilled in them, so choose wisely.

When it comes to branding in commercial spaces or business offices, you can promote your brand through fine art prints into your brand's design theme.

You can use a type of fine art photography for interior designers' schemes. Or you can hang prints on the walls in the same color scheme as your logo. It is also important to consider your business's target audience to deal with your business's commercial space.


Some Tips for Choosing Suitable Fine Art Print for Commercial Space or a Business Office

When it comes to choosing prints for commercial spaces or business offices, there are certain things you need to consider. Remember that the space will have a big impact on what you choose. But do not worry, we have gotten you covered!

Here are the special tips and tricks for selecting a fine art print on demand that will make your commercial space shine.


Consider the Space

One of the first things you need to consider is where the art print will display in your commercial space. Find something with a little color and contrast if you plan to display it behind a counter or on a wall at eye level.

If people must walk past it, choose something that will grab their attention but not clash with your existing decor. You will also want to consider the lighting in the space when choosing a piece for commercial use.


Size and Shape

The size and shape of the wall will most likely determine what kind of fine art print you can display on it. While you may want to display a big piece of abstract art, if the wall is too small, then it won't be able to support the artwork.

Art sizes vary depending on the type of print medium that you choose for your project. So, make sure you choose the perfect size.



The material that you hang on your wall will also affect what kind of art you can place in your space. If you decide to display limited editions of fine art prints on the walls, they must be framed and protected so they will not be damaged.

You may also want to consider putting up several pieces of unframed artwork in a grouping. This arrangement will save you money by not having to pay for frames, and you can choose different sizes and shapes of artwork.


Choose Original Artwork

Choose original artworks when looking for suitable fine art prints for commercial spaces or business offices. Not only will this make it easier to make it look professional, but you will also be able to avoid copyright issues.

If you are unsure how to verify an original image, see if the artist has a website or contact information on the print or attached to it. You may even ask for recommendations of other places where you can display their work.

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Where to Get Suitable Fine Art Print for Commercial Space or Business Offices?

You have different options to choose the best fine art print for your commercial space. If you have a talented artist friend who's willing to sell you their work, you can have it from him. Professional photographers often use custom framing services. You can also take from them.

Even so, the best way to choose fine art print is from online art galleries. Professional artists are in charge of that, and they offer very good value for money and the chance to buy in the size you need.

Guillen Photo is one of the best fine art galleries online. You can find a wide range of nature landscape fine art prints from their website.

It presents different types of nature fine art photographs : black and white, landscape, underwater or wildlife aesthetic art prints, and much more to choose from. You can also choose between open and limited editions. Guillen Photo provides fine art photo print services at competitive costs. If you want fine art prints, contact them to have the best one for the commercial space or your business office.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q's):

  1. What are high quality art prints called? If you want your artwork reproduced, you are curious about its name. There is no official name for the art prints we all love so much. Several terms characterize art prints' style and quality, but none are official.
  2. What resolution should fine art prints be? Your artwork makes it into a high-quality art print. It involves getting the right resolution for your print. High-quality paper prints should be 300 dpi or higher because 300 dpi ensures the highest quality image on paper print.
  3. What is the best fine art print size of your workplace or your business office?
    As with any art, your print size is a very personal choice. In some cases, you may need to have your work printed in a larger format. It is unlikely to be the case in a workplace environment where there is affix to the wall and stored. It is important to consider when commissioning artwork for your office walls.
  4. What type of printing is best suited for fine art prints? Fine art printmaking is a unique and highly skilled craft. Your work should print with great care and attention to detail to produce a high-quality print.
  5. - Are fine art prints worth anything? The simple answer is yes. Most people are usually purchased to hang on walls or beautify a blank wall. Prices vary depending on the artist and the size.

Final Verdict!

When purchasing a fine art print for your commercial space or your business office, there are a few things to consider. It is important to do your research and find the right piece that speaks to your business and its values.

Whether you are looking for an iconic piece to display in your lobby, Guillen Photo can help you get the perfect one. So, get out there and start browsing!