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How to Choose a Fine Art Print for the Different Rooms of Your Home?

Do you have a fine art print in mind for your living room but struggling to have ideas for your bedroom? Well, don't worry! Today I will help you to know how to choose a fine art print for different rooms.

Different rooms of your home require different ideas to decorate. So, whether it is an office, bedroom, or lounge room, choosing the right piece of art is the key to feeling at home.

Choosing a fine art print for your home can be tricky but possible. Here, I'll give you crystal-clear ideas on what type of artwork is ideal for your sweet residence and the best way to choose them.

A fine art print of the collection 'Valley of Fire' displayed in a sitting room.
A fine art print of the collection 'Valley of Fire' displayed in a sitting room.

What Kind of Fine Art Prints Are Good for Home?

The artwork you purchase can make all the difference in the way your home feels to you.

There are three different categories of fine art photo prints that are popular. They have framed wall art, mounted wall art, and stand-alone work.

Framed Wall Art

Framed wall art is the most popular Home Decor item for anyone. It is perfect for every person who isn't confident about where to start on their fine art print purchase. Framing is affordable, easy to do yourself, and makes it easy to change up your decor.

These are good for the spaces where you don't spend a lot of time, like bedrooms and studies, or places where you get dressed or entertain guests like dining rooms. Gallery wrapped canvases are also good for the living room- above a fireplace, dining room - displayed above a buffet or table and bedroom- over your bed, dresser, or nightstand.

Mounted Wall Art

Mounted wall art is also a great way to have a piece of art that can be changed easily. They are an excellent option for renters. Some of the best places for mounted art pieces are hallways and entryways, dining room walls, over your bed and desks. It is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. The main reason to get them framed is that they can change out easily

Stand-Alone Artwork

Stand-alone art is super flexible for you to decor anywhere. The best places to get original artwork are galleries and art fairs. They'll look great with any decor and can be passed down to future generations. You can also consider framing or mounting your print so that it hangs flush with the wall or stands out on its own in your home

Ideas on Choosing a Fine Art Print for the Different Rooms of Your Home

As different rooms hold different types of expression in our minds, you should choose fine art photography prints carefully for each room. I'll be walking you through some ideas on different fine art print photography to consider displaying in each room of your home.

Choosing A Fine Art Print For A Dining Room

Choosing a fine art print for your dining room is one of the most important decisions. Because it has a significant impact on how your entire home feels. It also carries a sense of pride and ownership with it.

As for me, I am a nature-loving person. Hence, my fine art print will help you to reconnect with nature.

When deciding on a fine art print for your dining room, you may want to think about how many walls you want to cover. You should also remind them where they are going to be placed. How visible it will be in the room depends on the fine art print sizes and their shapes.

Art prints for dining rooms can have various shapes. You will either want something that is big enough to cover a large wall or several smaller ones. Or you will want something that looks nice and beautiful on a tabletop. The fine art photography print sizes and shapes will determine how visible it is. So, you need to make sure that you like the design you choose.

A fine art print in color displayed in a dining room.

Choosing A Fine Art Print For A Living Room

The Living room or the family room is one of the most important rooms in your house. And its overall impression will depend on the pieces displayed there. If you have a living room with old pieces of furniture, a retro art print will fit perfectly in this space.

Fine art prints are the window to another world. A simple and traditional piece of fine art digital print will also fit very well in this space. It will provide a well-balanced combination of colors. If you want to add a lot of colors, look for works that match your favorite colors and shades, you can use it.

If you want to make more emphasis on the floor, use paintings or prints that are heavy in their color palette. You can also create a more relaxing atmosphere using lighter colors and soft colors. Different types of fine art prints of nature can take you away from your daily busy life.

A fine art print in color displayed on a wall of a living room.

Choosing A Fine Art Print For A Bedroom

We all want something that reflects our personality and passions, and that can elevate a room's design. You should settle for prints that reflect your style and make it easier for you to relax at home. When you're choosing an artwork, you want your piece to match with the rest of your decor.

And you also want it to be something that makes you happy every time you look at it! The first step in choosing a print is thinking about what kind of look and feel you're going for.

You should have a fine art interior design for your bedroom. You can also add some natural fine art print for your bedroom, which makes you relax when looking at the fine art print. To escape from daily life, you can choose different landscape nature artworks.

Think about potential wall types and placement that would work with your piece. Once you've decided on the overall look, take a deep breath, and think about the subject matter. It's a good idea to choose artwork that coincides with this topic. To go beyond fine art prints, reading up on more abstract artistic mediums can give you more options in choosing prints for the bedroom.

A fine art print displayed on a wall of a master bedroom.

Choosing A Fine Art Print For A Child

Many kids are turning their bedrooms or playrooms into a little art gallery with the help of your digital camera and paper prints from your printer. Older children might want to start painting on canvas or paper. On the other hand, younger children might enjoy viewing these images on a screen. It's important to let them be in charge of the artwork that surrounds them.

Make sure that they select an appropriate size for their space and can choose between different materials. By discussing with them, you can choose what they like and don't like about their current artwork.

It will allow you to suggest a size, material, and possibly frame choice. If your child wants to paint or draw on paper and use them on their wall, you can tell them to paint in fine art photo printing paper.

You will want to make sure you are printing on fine art paper that is compatible with whatever you decide to use. If you print images on canvas or other sturdy papers, make sure they have the appropriate size for inkjet printers. This is a good place to get creative and see which sizes your child finds most comfortable to work with.

Choosing A Fine Art Print For A Teenager

Fine art prints are a great way to give your teenager something they can take pride in. But you have to make sure the print matches their interests. If they prefer the outdoors, get them a landscape or seascape. If they love adventure, get them a picture of someone climbing or surfing or kayaking.

Are they into patterns or bright colors, or do they like black and white? A lot of people like a little bit of both. So, if they mainly like photographs, you can get them a canvas print that has some abstract elements. You don't want to get something too big because that can make it look overwhelming. It will create an optical illusion making the room look smaller than the original.

An easy measurement for fine art prints is two and a half times the width. If it is a canvas painting or print they like, go with a simple black frame. If they are into photographs, then you can go with something more stylish and elaborate depending on their interests.

Choosing A Fine Art Print For A Girl

While you have a girl and you would like to choose fine art print vs photo print, the key is looking for quality. You should select a print that is beautifully detailed and rich in color.

Ask her what type she likes. Girls tend to develop their hobbies and interests in early adolescence. It's perfectly normal to appreciate the quality of the art. If the girl doesn't have any ideas, don't pressure her. Just try to find something that appeals aesthetically. Consider the pieces of art she chooses herself, too.

Popular styles among girls are modern, abstract, and impressionistic art. Girls sometimes think it is 'girly' to like flowers or kittens. But abstract pieces are a little more serious, and it is okay for her to like those pieces of art.

Choosing A Fine Art Print For A Boy

When you choose a fine art print for a boy, you should have an idea about their desire. Abstract Painting would be a great choice for boys who are into abstract things. It would look good in his room, and he would think it was made just for him.

You can print fine art photos of cars. Cars can be a classic choice for boys. They'll love it and appreciate the care you put into picking out a safe and handsome print for them.

Any boy would love to have a picture of their favorite dog, regardless of age. Dogs are trusty companions and great friends.

Boys will love Landscape Painting ideas. They're rough around the edges but capable of deep emotion and strong feelings. It's nice to paint in a landscape scene that captures that.

A fine art print in black and white displayed on a wall of a bedroom of a boy.

Choosing A Fine Art Print For A Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most frequented areas of the home. It's where you go to make dinner, have breakfast, and indulge in your favorite snack foods. The kitchen is also the heart of your social gatherings, hosting family dinners and elegant soirees alike.

You can transform this central space with a new print on your wall. Choose a piece that reflects the activities you do at this space or something that speaks to what matters most to you.

You can choose artwork by different prints, sizes, and styles. You can choose botanical items, various types of fruits or vegetables, coffee items and much more.

A fine art print in color displayed on a wall of a kitchen.

Where to Get Such Types of Fine Art Prints?

The beauty of fine art prints is in their versatility. Whether you need a print for your office or your home, there are myriad options to choose from.

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Final Thoughts!

Art is a great way to decorate your home while adding meaning and inspiration. The different rooms of your house are perfect places to display them. Making a fine art print centerpiece of your desired room is a fantastic way to add life and color to an otherwise drab space.

You can have one piece in the living room or hallway, two pieces for the bedroom, and so on, depending on the size of the room. Hope this article will be helpful for you!