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Why Fine Art Prints Could be an Investment

The photography art world is becoming more accessible, and most people desire to buy their first original fine print to build their unique collections. But the original one is not a usual piece that you get at every store or site. It requires a professional artist's touch and conceptual ideas to portray the essence.

Also, consider several factors before investing in fine art prints, like printing quality, method, paper, and others. In the hope of helping you, I designed this article so that you can purchase unique and authentic artworks to embellish your living space.

Are you ready to begin your art investment journey with us? Let's get started.

Abstract fine art prints displayed in a waiting room.
An abstract art photo displayed in a staircase. This is the ground floor of a collector of art photos..

What is Fine Art Print?

Fine art print refers to archival pigment giclée prints. Unlike a glossy, or paper print, it uses high-quality pigment-based inks and acid-free art paper. Also, a high-resolution superior-quality printer is used to make it.

However, combining materials and printing methods offers fade-resistant and long-lasting artwork. Museums and galleries have used these printing methods to preserve their prints for decades.

Some fine art prints like "Rhein II" by Andreas Gursky or "Phantom" by Peter Lik have sold for millions of dollars. Nowadays, fine art photography is placed in the same category as the centuries-old art of sculpture or painting.

However, after going through the meaning of fine art print, it's time to explore the top reasons to invest in fine art prints. Let's get started!

12 Reasons to Invest in Fine Art Prints

Fine art print invites you to explore strong emotions through the lens of nature in a more realistic way. Each art piece is filled with unique concepts and meaning so that you can relate to your personality.

Without more talk, let's take a closer look at why you invest in fine art prints below:

1. Originality

Original artwork is an art that is produced by the artist's hand and offers its actual essence to its customers. Also, expresses the concept and vision of an artist. An artist photographer makes fine art print to maintain originality and real emotions or messages.

With this art, you get the media to communicate your inner thoughts and express emotions to others. Also, it is not sold in thousands of copies in the Ikea store. Its eternal scenes and depth of details guide you to refocus on the essentials.

2. The Power to Grow

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.

Nature is wrapped with wonderful creations, fauna, and living creatures. Here, lives are growing and moving at their pace. Fine art is the best source to reveal those outstanding mysteries with perfection and real touch. From abstract to symbolic, every art is going to fill peace and serenity in your daily life.

3. Fine Art Print is Relatively Affordable

Fine art prints are affordable compared to other kinds of art like painting or sculpture. Unlike bonds and stocks, it has more excellent residual value than intangible assets. With confidence, you can buy it and gift it to show gratitude.

For example, a landscape fine art in a limited edition is a great investment. Even the art market won't decline its real value and authentic view.

4. Offers Different Emotions in One Frame

Do you want to word your emotional states with aesthetic expressions or representations through art? A fine art print is the best thing that helps you to discover your creative sites and balance your life. For me, wildlife fine art prints subconsciously affect your mood and embrace a soft atmosphere.

And every scene represents a mind-soothing beauty in your busy life. So, choose any specific subject's art that highlights your soul and connects with your emotional state.

5. Create a Special Mood in Your Space

What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit.
John Updike.

Fine art offers versatile collections and sizes from commercial to personal spaces with perfect framing. I know different rooms hold different types of stories and expressions. For example, a dining room carries pride and ownership of your entire home feels.

From large to small frames or light to soft colors, whatever your space demands to give a stress-free environment, fine art provides the same. Art is a great way to reconnect with nature and add inspiration to your space.

6. Creates Positive views

Picture this: the dawn view of the mountain or the parental love of birds. Isn't the view giving you positive vibes? Yes, with fine art, you get both emotional and conceptual ideas that help to improve your home's aesthetic appeal.

Colors, shapes, styles, and themes are the heart of art. And all these factors can introduce you to untold and undiscovered world beauty. Also, you find a sense of power, hope, and awesome imagination.

7. Aesthetic Value

The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of.

In this busy era, you rarely get time to be with nature or space to think about yourself. With art, you can enjoy the fleeting beauty of life and find a relaxed environment with an aesthetic view. That's why it is said that fine art is an invitation to calmness and introspection.

If you think about investment, aesthetic value comes first before a financial one. It not only fulfills your inner desires but also helps to highlight your personality. Also, you get an extra sense of reward and satisfaction by displaying one in your professional or personal space.

8. There Is a Link and A Storyline Behind

Do you want to become a part of the creative process or enjoy the journey of an artist's first spark of an idea? Buying a fine art print allows you to explore those memorable and exciting photographic journeys. Every art offers unique messages and emotions.

Did you ever notice the charm of flying birds or the beauty of the giant waterfall in the forest? For me, the scenario represents freedom, escape, and relaxation. However, with symbolic fine art print, you get the source to reveal your inner thoughts to others.

9. Go for Rare with a Limited Edition

The most asked question: fine art prints in limited edition or open edition - which one offers you a good investment? If you want a quality print that ensures a longer period with a limited edition, you can get it.

Also, art photography is known as original art for the artist's signature, and artists may produce 3 or 2 copies per photo. For example, Guillen Photo is an online fine art gallery. Every fine art print is limited to three copies.

10. Adds Luxury to Your Living Space

Did you ever notice the confident and graceful look of ELKS? With original art, you get different expressions, meanings, and beauty in one frame. But without high-quality and luxurious papers and frames, it won't get its actual meaning. Also, its longevity requires professional knowledge of printing.

From landscape to abstract or minimalist fine art print, you can decorate your living space. But to highlight your inner soul and ensure its charm over the years, you must pay attention to its true qualities.

11. Fine Art Print is Timeless

Nature photography fine art prints are filled with adorable, untouched, and precious beauty. In nature, color is everywhere and offers you exciting patterns. And here lies the hidden meaning of choosing fine art color prints.

But through black and white fine art prints, you explore nature and wildlife's strengths without any distractions. The sole objective is to highlight every detail of life via texture, shades, patterns, and tone. Are you ready to introduce yourself to the world's essence and primordial force with timeless art?

12. Fine Art Print Holds Its Value Over Years

Fine art prints are the creation of artistic photographers whose aim is to represent the wonders of nature and its beautiful living creatures. It is considered a long-term investment because of its high-quality paper and print. Also, it offers you aesthetic views, versatility, and social value.

Over decades, your fine art prints will not crack and faded. Apart from the look, you feel strongly attached to those art prints. Collecting fine art prints and presenting your hidden pleasure to others is an honor. It is a rare type of investment that brings reward and creativity both.

Key Factors To Remember When Investing in Fine Art Print

The choice of a fine art print relies on your personal taste, attachments, and, most importantly, the place where you want to hang it. Fine art reveals the message of your inner thoughts to others and builds a strong connection.

It is the best gift of mother nature, where you explore different living creatures' beauty, charm, and eye-soothing views in one frame. So, to buy fine art prints, you need to pay attention to some factors, including

1. The Authenticity of Provenance

You need to check the origin or authorship of the art print before purchasing or confirming. By checking this, you not only ensure your investment but also for moral consequences. Also, you get the security of quality artwork which is very important.

However, professional fine art prints are the best choice if you want to get an authentic piece with the artist's signature. So, before buying your desired ones from online, you need to pay attention and check them perfectly.

2. Materials and Mediums

Another factor is to pay attention to the different materials and mediums of fine artwork because the pricing depends on it. For example, Giclee prints are made with quality archival inks and don't fade, crack or turn yellow over decades. But the photo papers or lesser quality ones are light-sensitive.

That's why the artwork costs less than a fine art print but has quality issues and is not investment worthy. For me, art is a medium to communicate with the untouched world. If the piece doesn't allow me to cherish valuable moments or lacks connection, I do not take it.

3. Fine Art Print Quality

The print quality depends on paper, inks, printing technology, edition, and several finishes like the museum and contemporary finish. Framed fine art prints require high maintenance to provide the best one. A fine art print studio or professional photo lab is crucial to ensure the printing technique.

Every living area is special and has its unique perspectives. With artistic vision, you can give life to feel the rhyme. Did you ever notice the migratory birds' grace when hunting or flying? You can experience the same view by owning quality ones.

4. Understanding the Price

The original fine art print price depends on its high-quality paper, techniques, finishes, and other criteria. The art marketplace offers different options like photo print, poster print, and fine art.

Photo prints are less expensive than fine art because of its glossy and less thin and smooth paper. If you want intense colors, contrast, forms, and tones, fine art prints offer you versatile art by ensuring lifespan.

5. Think Long Term

Original and real art is a long-term investment for art collectors or investors. From one generation to another, you will be able to pass it and won't decrease its value.

For this reason, you can check out different art galleries or follow creative photographers who serve authentic pieces. In Guillen Photo, we create a special connection to define what you want, your personality, and your unique style. Also, you don't need to worry about frame and print quality.

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Are Fine Art Prints and Packaging Sustainable?

The answer lies in which gallery or online sites you order from. So, to check their shipment quality and packaging sustainability, you can contact them.

How Do I Choose the Right Frame?

The framing of fine art depends on personal interests. You can choose any floating or shadow box framing whatever you wish. But pay attention to sizing and editions before buying one.

Which Fine Art Print is investment worthy: Limited or Open Edition?

Limited edition fine art print is investment worthy compared to open edition. Also, it guarantees the best quality paper, technology, photo title, and certificate of authenticity. But the open edition comes with several prints and lacks a certificate of authenticity.

Final Verdict

Fine art prints present nature in a contemplative and artistic way. And every artwork offers you unique emotions, excitement, and stories to relive those precious moments.

I hope that now you have understood why fine art prints could be an investment. You know all the reasons to purchase one.

Feel free to share your opinion when you find the right piece which reflects your personality, style, and emotions.