My Purpose for Waking up Each Day

The Reason I Get Up Every Day

I wake up each day with one goal in mind: to help others by giving everything I can.

My Reasons for Choosing Photography

I chose artistic photography to embrace my passion for the wonders of nature, to express myself, and to bring happiness to the people I meet in daily life or while traveling.

I do not know how to write novels or poems. I cannot paint or draw. I cannot compose music.

One thing I do know is how to create photographs and talk about them.

I would like to help anyone who wants to reconnect with nature.

  • I create art photography to help people escape life by reconnecting with nature..
  • I organize photo workshops to help photographers craft unique pictures..
  • I write articles for this blog to share my skills in photography and to help others explore new creative avenues.

Expressing Myself in Photography

My photographic and artistic vision can be summed up as follows:

  • Nature evokes beauty, fragility, calmness, peace, and serenity.
  • Nature is an invitation to dreams and to introspection.
  • Nature photography is a means of expression.
  • Nature photography allows me to reveal what I find to be aesthetic.
  • Nature photography can be used to reflect the reality of the world around me.

Revealing My Vision of the World

Wavering between effervescent dreams and defined elegance, my photographic work unites both ideas in a new path through the theme of “Nature”.

I am a flexible photographer. I construct photographic media using various digital tools to design abstract pieces of art.

I define my work as a concentration of photographic shooting by revealing a fragment of a landscape or an animal scene.

As a result, I provide the possibility of perceiving the world down to microscopic details, which is accomplished through a refined image.

This photographic simplification is pushed to the extreme by my hands. Even the shooting is simplified, regardless of the surrounding environment.

Through this method, my photography gains independence and purity.

I strive to highlight the infinity of nature outside of time.

The exercise of contemplation which I encourage derives its strength from sensitive experiences, stemming from a deeply empirical and personal relationship with nature.

I bring a beautifully unique interpretation of new technology. Virtual reality is reflected through the fleeting aspect of natural elements, thus forging relevant connections between technical, immaterial, and sensual details .

Summarizing My Professional Artistic Activity

For amateur photographers who long to create beautiful photographs, I propose that you seek to find peace and serenity in your daily life, your art prints and the nature surrounding you.

Unlike posters available in department stores or furniture stores, my artistic prints are unique, luxurious, concise, and will not deteriorate with the passing years.

Each fine art print in a limited edition finish is printed to 30 copies maximum in all media and formats. It is signed and delivered with its certificate of authenticity. This is a guarantee to you that it will increase in value over time.

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