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Digital underwater photography: guide

Underwater digital photography: guide

Published in September 2004, this guide is the first book written in French devoted to the underwater digital photography. It is addressed to all who start with underwater photography or to the more experimented photographers who wish to migrate from the film photography to the digital.Macro, wide-angle lenses, night photography, fauna moving, fixed subjects, problems involved in the aquatic environment, composition, exposure are the broad topics approached in this book. But we also answer your questions concerning the choice of the digital material (case, box, flashes) and its maintenance. We also answer all your questions concerning the correction, the final improvement, the impression of numerical photographs.

190 abundantly illustrated pages with photographs colorPrice: 19 euros, editions: Edition-VMCode ISBN: 2-212-67251-9

The book is available in your store of diving or in your usual bookstore but you can directly order the book in the Eyrolles editor using a protected connection. This page of presentation proposes also extracts to you of the book: to consult urgently. If you liked the book, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

We thought of all those which never touched a computer and which want to begin in the final improvement from photographs and creation from diaporamas from very great quality. We chose to illustrate the best software available on the market to carry out these essential stages for creation with digital photography. A CD is offered with the book. We placed at your disposal many free software or valid for a 30 days period. For those which do not have digital photographs yet we placed at their disposal 12 photographs for the discovery. We also put a music composed by an American type-setter of reputation, Chris Snidow. The photographs and the music will enable you to carry out your first diaporama. We put our experiment of professional photographers in the chapters of work on the digital photographs to enable you to arrive quickly at results of a very great quality.

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