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Abstract Nature Photography in Black and White: Displaying Ideas and Concepts

Abstract photography of nature in shades of blacks and whites allows me to create works that are emotionally neutral. The viewer must decide for himself the meaning to give to what he sees.

Abstract Portfolio in Black and White of Amar Guillen, Photographer.

An Opposite Approach to Emotional or Decorative Photography

In abstract photography, it is the viewer who is both the object of attention and at the center of the dialogue. I do not describe my emotions and I do not transmit messages. My goal is to think abstractly rather than in terms of a photographed location. I do not describe the scenes, rather, I try to capture shapes, textures and lights.

In my abstract photos, I make sure that my photos are interesting for the viewer without arousing their point of interest. My works become emotionally neutral. This is the opposite of classical photography in which I construct an image by realistically interpreting the world. In the case of abstract photography, I create an interpretation and the viewer then creates a perception.

The abstract approach is not descriptive, emotional. My goal is to arouse the imagination of the viewer who tries to understand through his or her personal experiences. Each path of interpretation is different because each person is different. Interpretation and perception belong to the individual completely.

In my abstract vision, creativity is not about photographing something new, but about sharing something creative with others when one encounters it. I am always looking for the element of surprise in the rendering of my photos.

Nature Sparks the Creation of Abstract Photos

Nature allows me to create interesting abstract photographs that challenge the viewer to contemplate their meaning. Abstract photographs often have a certain look or characteristic that took years to master. My black and white portfolio shows photos where the ideas or concepts are the essential elements, supported by the compositions and framing.

It is the viewer who will mentally blaze a new trail of introspection to uncovering a personal meaning in the image.

The Choice of Black and White

To be consistent with my photographic artistic vision, I chose my theme “shades of blacks and whites”. Black and white photography is a photographic technique adapted to many nature scenes. It requires a certain way of thinking. A photo in black and white is masterfully prepared at each step of the photographic process, from the shooting frame to the post processing with the computer. Nevertheless, black and white photography is also a philosophy that reveals textures and shapes that cannot be done in color.

A black and white photo immediately attracts the interest of a photographed scene. The gaze of the viewer is guided by geometric shapes, vanishing lines, perspectives, and the contrast of lights. These are the elements that will allow the reading of the message that I want to pass. If I wanted to simplify the subject, I could say that a black and white photo can deliver essential messages by arriving straight at the point. Color photographs make it possible for the viewer to digress to secondary roads of contemplation. Black and white is a directive technique of expansive creativity.