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Using Nature to Create Artistic and Contemplative Photos

My artist statement consists in sharing my passion for the wonders of nature to help people reveal themselves, to show their personality.
I would like to encourage them to experience emotions to better understand themselves, to escape to think, to assert themselves and find answers to their questions.

The softness of a sand dune at Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, USA.

The softness of a sand dune at Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, USA.

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Terrestrial or underwater landscapes, as well as its fauna, are always at the heart of my artistic vision.

My job as a photographic artist is to create fine art photographs using the wonders of nature. They are an invitation to dream and introspection.
My goal is to help people reveal themselves and show who they really are.

My photographic and artistic vision is to see nature as a means of expression, a solution to help people to find serenity, tranquility in their daily lives and their living space.

My photographic and artistic signature is to show the wonders of nature through a contemplative and artistic approach of fleeting, dreamlike, ethereal and symbolic scenes.

The technological tools are brushes I use to illuminate surreal elements of the natural landscapes that span the universe captured within the frame of the photograph.

Black and white and color are just two techniques I use to create my fine art prints.

To create my photos in the field, I use the natural elements that are available to me.

Then I add the light. This is how I highlight my scenes. It is a back to basics.

I don't use complicated artefacts to create my photos.

I like the simplicity and the contact on the ground.

I have chosen to help others by giving them the best I have.
To achieve this goal, I combined my passion for artistic photography and for the wonders of nature.
  • My fine art photographs help people to assert their style, their personality, to escape and to reconnect with nature.
In my two blogs:
  • I help lovers of beautiful fine art photos to better understand and choose photos that match their personality.
  • I share my skills to help other photographers to explore new creative paths.

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Amar Guillen. Professional Photographer Artist of nature.

Amar Guillen is an artist photographer. He creates for you fine art prints of nature. Amar expresses in images and emotions the infinite mysteries that conceal nature. He has developed a personal, artistic, and contemplative photographic language.

The quest of Amar Guillen is to highlight the preciousness of nature and to sublimate it.

His adventure with photography began in 1987 when he purchased his first camera.

He began to feel at that time, a real fascination for the sumptuous landscapes which surround him and the fauna which populates them. The need to express emotions in images is already being felt.

In 2003, he became a professional nature photographer. Since, he devotes himself entirely and professionally to artistic photography. His research crystallizes around the underwater space, the animal universe and the terrestrial landscapes.


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