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My Artistic and Photographic Vision: Seeing the Wonders of Nature as a Means of Expression

My artistic and photographic vision is to see the wonders of nature to understand others in order to help them, to know myself better and to better express what I feel.

Clouds over Yosemite National Park in California, USA.
Clouds over Yosemite National Park in California, USA.

Nature is My Source of Inspiration

Immersion in nature allows me to dream and to introspect. The quietness, serenity, and calm that I feel while observing it allows me to better understand the world around me and then to express my emotions and transmit my messages.

I use nature. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for my artwork prints. My fascination for the terrestrial world and the underwater world is at the heart of my artistic approach.

The goal of my photography is to reconnect people with nature by creating timeless artwork prints.

To achieve this goal, I have chosen to share my passion for the wonders and mysteries of nature.

The Key Points of My Artistic Vision of Nature

My photographic and artistic vision can be summed up as follows:

  • Nature evokes for me beauty, fragility, calm, peace and serenity.
  • Nature is for me an invitation to dream and introspection.
  • Nature photography is a means of expression.
  • Nature photography of nature allows me to show what I find aesthetic.
  • I use nature photography to show how I perceive the world I live in.

Nature as a Means of Expression

My photographs are intended to show the emotions, the sensations that I feel without being able to express them in words.

The scenes I photograph are often unspeakable or the words are often insufficient to describe what I experienced.

I chose photography and nature to share and express the emotions that I feel when I observe nature whether it is terrestrial or underwater.

It is for this reason that I try as often as possible to create photographs with a strong symbolic potential.

Two Artistic Universes in Parallel

My photographs focus on representing scenes that are usually impossible to reproduce and thus freeze these fleeting moments.

The conservation and education of the respect of nature appear in filigree transversely in my photographic works.

In order to show how I perceive nature, I opted for two artistic representations:

  • A conceptual representation.
  • A figurative representation.

My Conceptual Photographic and Artistic vision

Wavering between effervescent dreams and defined elegance, my photographic work proposes a new path of accession in the theme of “Nature”.

I am a flexible photographer. I associate the photographic medium with the digital tools to design abstract pieces of art.

I define my work as a distillation of the photographic shooting by revealing what a fragment of a landscape or an animal can contain.

As a result, I provide the possibility of perceiving the world down to microscopic details, which is accomplished through a purification of the image.

This photographic simplification is pushed to the extreme by my hands. Even the shooting is simplified, regardless of the surrounding environment.

Thus, my photography gains independence and purity.

I strive to highlight the infinity of nature and its indifference to time.

The exercise of contemplation that I encourage derives its strength from sensitive experiences, from a deeply empirical and personal relationship with nature.

I bring a beautifully unique interpretation of new technologies. The virtual reality is reflected around the fleeting aspect of the natural elements, thus offering relevant connections between the technical, the immaterial and the sensory.

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My collections of "Around the Mind" art prints are all conceptual.

My Figurative Photographic and Artistic vision

Photography has become for me an extraordinary means of testimony.

I always try to transform the ordinary or the banal into extraordinary with a contemplative and artistic interpretation.

But I do not always want to create art photographs with high symbolic potential. Sometimes the scenes offered by nature are simply beautiful. In this case, I just adopt an aesthetic dimension of photography. I leave then the care to the people who will acquire my works to escape and to imagine a universe.

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This is the goal I pursue with my collections of photographic works titled "Around the World".

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