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Photographic Signature: Photographing the Wonders of Nature in an Artistic and Contemplative Way

My photographic signature is to photograph the wonders of nature in an artistic and contemplative way.

The photographic and artistic signature of Amar Guillen. Two cheetahs in black and white.
The photographic and artistic signature of Amar Guillen. Two cheetahs in black and white.

Nature is the source of inspiration for my photographic works.

Nature photography allows me to express emotions, to convey messages. I also show what I find aesthetic.

The Different Styles of My Photographic and Artistic Signature

To implement my photographic signature, I use different styles::

  • A dreamlike style for scenes that incite to dream and escape.
  • An ethereal style to show impalpable, aerial scenes that translate unique and evanescent moments.
  • A clean style for minimalist scenes.

Through these different styles, I like to translate elegance, harmony, tranquility, serenity and calm.

My art prints are very often symbolic in order to translate what I feel and what I want to express. I sometimes add a slight naturalist touch to my photographs in order to show and witness the fragility of the world around me.

A Dreamlike Interpretation of the wonders of nature

I have not always been a professional photographer.

I took side roads to achieve this dream. These paths allowed me to build what I call my artist soul.

I know that my dreams have always been the source of my passion.

Even though I realized my greatest dream, I still live in the imagination to build my artistic works. For example, when preparing a new art collection, I talk a lot and I imagine the construction of photos using sketches.

The choice of my subjects, the way I frame, and my photo compositions are intended to make dream the people who watch our works of art.

I love freedom above all. Sharing my passion for nature with others is a way for me to share moments of escape.

Through my nature photographs, I want to capture the attention of the audience and captivate their imagination.

Showing Ethereal Scenes

Nature is the source of my inspiration. It guides my photography. I look for its most hushed, delicate, fragile qualities.

I try to show nature at its most sublime. I want to preserve delicate, ethereal, intangible, fleeting moments. I want my photos to evoke in others the profound feelings that I experienced when I saw the scene.

Creating Clean Compositions

In my artistic photographs, I always try to isolate the subject from the background and simplify the composition as much as possible.

I eliminate any defects or unnecessary elements to produce the cleanest compositions we can. My photos are always very simple. Over time, I have learned that simple things are often the hardest.

Showing Unique and Ephemeral Moments

We love to photograph moments that will fade away and be gone forever, leaving no trace, scenes that are impossible to replicate. We have always felt a great need to preserve these fleeting moments in a photograph. We chose photography to do this over drawing or painting, because these become an interpretation of what we see, whereas photography is an art that shows what is really there.

La photographie permet de rendre compte immédiatement.

From my point of view, photography makes it possible to cut a piece of space to freeze it in a given time. Once that moment passed, everything changed. This is reason that I practice this visual art. But in my approach, I always try to create timeless photos.

The technological tools are the brushes that I use to illuminate the surreal elements of the natural landscapes spanning the universe captured within the frame.

My Photograhic and Artistic Signature in Black and White

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My Photograhic and Artistic Signature in Color

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