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The book "The secrets of underwater photography"

The book "The secrets of underwater photography"

Since the publication of our last guide devoted to underwater digital photography in 2007, many changes have occurred.

The underwater photo gear has shifted: cameras, whether compact or SLR cameras have become more sophisticated, with dynamic ranges wider and wider; noise management has also improved considerably. The functions previously only available on SLRs have become common on compact, as well as bridges that have developed since. Today, almost all cameras and have a way of shooting in RAW format which, thanks to a development of computer processing, access to quality unparalleled images. Hybrid devices have also made ??their appearance: they should appeal to all divers looking for excellent crisp images without having to go down with pounds of material in water.

Regarding the light, fiber optic connection is generalized to all cameras; the STTL mode become the standard TTL mode. Finally, many new housing manufacturers appeared; we can now easily find aluminum housing made with professional quality, even for small cameras. Nobody had imagined the consequences of these technological developments: the number of underwater photographers has increased significantly, the amount of photos has multiplied exponentially.

But a lot of images are similar. From underwater photographers to artistic directors, thru the editors of magazines, the need to see other approaches became increasingly pressing. In three years, we have thus found a real change and evolution how beginners and professionals are creating underwater photos. The main rules of aesthetics enrich, change, renew themselves. Whatever their level, photographers must create their world picture and go further, to surprise their audiences.

Although it was written to be progressive in the chapters, if you already own notions of underwater photography you can read this book in a nonlinear way, according to your aspirations and needs. In the first chapter, you will find all the basic elements necessary to the creation of images, in the second, a detailed hardware panoram of the configurations is available. The third chapter is dedicated to all techniques to apply to take underwater pictures (hardware, adjustments), the fourth is just about the creative aspect. Throughout this book, we deal with hardware, shooting or artistic, we have tried to describe a simple, instructional and teaching way to all concepts and practical knowledge for everyone. Beginner or expert, can develop their creativity. We also offer technical and tips for great photos in shallow or very known places. We used to say that photographers will sometimes look far away from what they have in their garden; create a beautiful picture, it is just about to learn to look.

We have learned this experience during the last eight years. We have animated more than fifty photo trips, with hundreds participants. We are familiar with all the issues that photographers novice divers, advanced or expert arise, we wanted them provide here the most detailed and comprehensive answers possible by illustrating very concrete examples, while giving access to the theoretical elements allow them to understand better.

We hope that you will draw in these pages a lot of ideas, know-how and the desire to deepen your technique and underwater photographic vision.

The book written in French is available in all book stores or by order.

It is also possible to order it by internet. Click here to order by Amazon.

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