Red deer stags in colors during the call of the deer in France

Red deer stag during the bugle of the deer in France.
Red deer stag during the bugle of the deer in France.

The call of the red deer stags in the fall is not only an opportunity to photograph exceptional animal behavior such as mattings, calls or fights between males.

The rutting season is also the opportunity to take photos with lights and colors that can only be seen at this time of year. Those magical moments for a wildlife photographer occur only in the morning or evening. During the day, the lights are too strong because the sun is too high.

In the morning it is the opportunity to have a light mist because the wet ground is warmer than the ambient atmosphere often cool at this time of the year. In the evening, it was the glowing sky when the sun disappears over the horizon.

The hardest part is the recognition phase. Although the ephemeris is a valuable tool to know the exact times, recognitions in the field are required. Also, as always a little bit of luck is required to get an animal is at the right place and at the right time. But as we have already mentioned in a blog post, luck is a factor in the success of a good animal shot.

We achieved all these photographs during the call of the deer in Charente-Maritime. This region because of its unique geography and its micro climates offers unique atmospheres at dawn and dusk.

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