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If you want to create different, more interesting photos that have meaning and impact, then the articles in my blog dedicated to the photographic approach will meet your expectations.

By reading these articles, you will develop or refine your artistry whether it is your vision or your photographic signature.

All these blog articles will help you to better communicate with your photos. You will discover techniques to better use the photographic language, develop your photographic state of mind, translate your emotions, and transmit messages.

Bison in the snow in Yellowstone in USA.
Bison in the snow in Yellowstone in USA.

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Themes of the Blog Articles

If you want to look at photo galleries to find inspirations, I propose you thematic galleries very illustrated

Do you want to go further than technique by creating interesting and meaningful photos that will be different?

  • Are you tired of always reading the same technical articles?
  • Do you want to see nature photography from a new and different angle?
  • Do you want to create photos of nature other than thinking about photo material?
  • Do you want to create inspiring photos for your loved ones?
  • Do you want to express yourself through your photographs?

I fully understand that you want to create photos that will have an impact.

I understand your desire to want to create interesting photos for competitions, exhibitions.

  • I offer you new photographic tools to enhance your creativity in photography. Every Friday, I invite you to read a free article that is always available.
  • I offer you subjects relating to wildlife, landscape and underwater photography.
  • I have been a professional photographer for almost 20 years. I offer original, unique content that you will not find elsewhere.

The subjects of the articles concern the photographic approach of nature.

  • I offer you new photographic tools to enhance your creativity.
  • My goal is to help you create interesting and different photos.
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