Egypt. Red Sea. Scenic views of Saint John Reefs

The coral reefs of St. John consist of small islands in the southern Red Sea off the Egyptian coast. They are located after the corner of Ras Banas. None of the islands are inhabited. They are all empty and just flush out of the water. The slopes of the islands are composed by magnificent drop-offs that go down to up -100 meters (300 feet) in the Red Sea. What is striking on the reefs of St. John is certainly the wealth of colorful soft corals (Alcyonarians). These are certainly with the Brothers Islands and Daedalus, most beautiful drop offs in the Red Sea.

The most beautiful dive sites are Gota Soraya, Gota Kebir, Habili Ali and Habili Gafar. In addition to the rich colors, the reefs are characterized by an incredible explosion of marine life. The slopes are covered with coral beds anthias fish, jacks. For us photographers and researchers of lights and colors, this area is a true paradise. Saint John's reefs are an oasis of life in the Red Sea. The richness of life can be explained by the strong currents that affect the reefs and bring the necessary nutrients to marine animals. Visibility is often exceptional, with more than 60 meters (180 feet).

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