The village of Hauteluce in French Alps. Alps wildlife.

Hauteluce is a small village of 800 inhabitants located in the Savoy region in the French Alps. The main activity is agriculture with cattle: race Tarine and race Tarine. Cows produce milk used to make the Beaufort cheese and Tomme de Savoie cheese. Time does not seem to have taken hold on this small alpine lock dominated by the impressive dam named Girotte that holds 630 million cubic meters of water. The rhythm of the days of spring is made by the bells of cows that leave early in the morning to the pastures. Two hours before dusk, the farmers bring them back in the stalls that occupy the ground floor of large houses built of wood.

Hauteluce area is a paradise for exploring the alpine fauna: marmots, badgers, squirrels, foxes, buzzards, woodpecker, fox, etc. Like most European species, animals are difficult to observe. It takes time to observe and to photograph them. Each species has its territory and habits. Patience and persistence are two key words to bring back memories.

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