Red Rock Canyon in Nevada State, USA

Red Rock Canyon is located 30 kilometers (20 miles) away from the city of Las Vegas in Nevada in the United States. It is a small park little known photographers but a treasure rich colors. It is a deserted region consists of small mountains that can reach 1000 meters (3000 feet) high and small faults. But the main feature is certainly the big rocks that are actually fossilized sand dunes. The colors red, orange and purple are due to the high concentration of iron oxide. There are millions of years, two earth plates collided. The meeting was of such force that one plate mounted on the other one forming Keystone Thrust Fault.

For photographers, Red Rock Canyon is a place of dreams as the pictures are excellent either the morning or evening. In the morning, the lights of the morning sun show massive gray and green of the vegetation or yucca trees. The evening lights magnify the ocher and red colors of the East side of the canyon. The main difficulty of shooting is to find the right place in the canyon.

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