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Great Crested Greb and his chick

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Dunes de sable dans le désert Lybique en fin d'après-midi.

Why I Love the Wonders of Nature

Why I Love the Wonders of Nature As far as I remember, nature has always had an attraction for me. I have always had a deep love for it. Natural phenomena, seasons, landscapes, and land or aquatic…
The south of Grand Canyon photographed at sunset.

The Country Where the Wind Blows Free

«The country where the wind blows free and there is nothing to break the light of the sun» We heard this phrase in the 1956 movie "Comanche," directed by George Sherman. One of the Indian leaders…
Paris, the City of Light and its monuments.

A getaway in Paris

A getaway in Paris We had had to interrupt our time in the Charente-Maritime department because we had two business meetings scheduled in Paris. One concerned arrangements for future photography…
PLandscapes of the coast of Charente-Maritime, France.

A Typical Day on the Coast in Charente-Maritime

A typical day on the coast in Charente-Maritime After our stop in the village of Hauteluce in the French Alps, we travelled to the Charente-Maritime department on the western coast of France. For two…
Stroll through the oasis of Siwa.

Stroll Through the Oasis of Siwa

A Stroll Through the Oasis of Siwa The village of Siwa in the western Egyptian desert is not only the site of the medieval city of Shali. It is also situated by a large oasis. For us, the oasis was…
Siwa oasis in Egypt.

An Ordinary Day in Siwa

An Ordinary Day in Siwa. While we stayed in Siwa, Egypt, we spent our days in search of light. We woke up at 5:30 to prepare our cameras. We usually prefer not to get up early, but in Egypt, everyone…
Harbor of Saint-Tropez in the South of France.

The Harbour of Saint Tropez in South of France

Harbor of Saint-Tropez in the South of France The city of Tropez Saint is famous for his yachts of more than 60 meters (180 feet) length which rent a ring for several thousands of euros per day or…

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I have chosen to help others by giving them the best I have.
To achieve this goal, I combined my passion for artistic photography and for the wonders of nature.
  • My fine art photographs help people to assert their style, their personality, to escape and to reconnect with nature.
In my two blogs:
  • I help lovers of beautiful fine art photos to better understand and choose photos that match their personality.
  • I share my skills to help other photographers to explore new creative paths.

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Amar Guillen. Professional Photographer Artist of nature.

Amar Guillen is an artist photographer. He creates for you fine art prints of nature. Amar expresses in images and emotions the infinite mysteries that conceal nature. He has developed a personal, artistic, and contemplative photographic language.

The quest of Amar Guillen is to highlight the preciousness of nature and to sublimate it.

His adventure with photography began in 1987 when he purchased his first camera.

He began to feel at that time, a real fascination for the sumptuous landscapes which surround him and the fauna which populates them. The need to express emotions in images is already being felt.

In 2003, he became a professional nature photographer. Since, he devotes himself entirely and professionally to artistic photography. His research crystallizes around the underwater space, the animal universe and the terrestrial landscapes.


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