Ballet of manta rays in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean

The Maldives is one of two regions with Hawaii, in the world we know where it is possible to see ballets of manta rays for night dives.

To observe manta rays at night, it is necessary to place a very large projector in the back of the boat. The light emitted by the lamps causes massively the arrival of zoo plankton. After one or two hours of waiting, manta rays begin their ballets to swallow huge quantities of plankton. The ballet can gather from 2 to over 10 manta rays. The dance can last all night, just as lights are active.

However, the time should be limited to two or three hours as manta rays get tired by making incessant loops.

It is an extraordinary spectacle that provides a lot of emotions because manta rays can come very closely to us. Indeed, to better focus our cameras, we also use bright headlights which also attract plankton. We have seen 7 or 8 manta rays at the same time in the view finder. When we realize our pictures, we always feel that they communicate with us and a form of language is established. We know we are doing anthropomorphism and nothing like this is happening but we are captivated by these dances and pirouettes.

When we observe these ballets manta rays, we always have in mind the text of a famous perfume ad that says "elegance is an attitude". Manta rays prove that it is quite true.

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