The wild hog in Charente-Maritime, west of France

The boar is very present in the Charente-Maritime. It is found in forests, woods or swamps. All Charentais have seen at least a wild boar during a walk or drive. But taking a picture of a boar is another story. It is a wary animal, very fearful of people.

It is the only big French mamal that is omnivorous. It is a gregarious species. The male is called boar, the female is called a sow. The young juvenile is called piglet. There is only one species in Europe. A wild boar can live up to 15 years but this is very rare because it is much hunted. A photograph to realize is when the hair bristles. Indeed, the hairs of the spine (the mane) are also erection.

From + / - 3 years, they bristle during arousal during the rut, when pain or anger. Vocalizations of wild boar are at least 9, through which they communicate and know how to recognize. The boar grumbles, whines, growls, breath, moaned, slap jaws... it is said that "BREAKING THE NUT" warning sign and anxiety, its very particular sound is caused by teeth chattering when for example, it will be wounded, ready to load his attackers.

Each sow has a different voice timbre, intonation of his own, which explains the easy customization of the communication between the piglets and their mother. In this case, as almost all mammals, the vocalizations are associated with very specific body postures. Thus, a twang of the sow, the piglets crouch

A piglet is a young, less than 6 months (reminder: 11 stripes), delivered in up to 3 to 4 months and weighing 12-15 kg. He was born with a weight of 700 grams up to one kilo. These stripes gradually disappear to reveal a red background more marked.

From 6 months to 1 year, it's called redhead beast. Its weight will increase by 25 to more or less 40-45 kgs. The tail does not exist.

From 12 to 24 months (2 years), the twist is well developed and boasts a beautiful forelock.

From 3 years, the terminology will vary depending on whether the boar is male or female. The term "loner" means that the animal is a male boar, adult, living alone or accompanied by a young boar called a "page".

The smell is the most developed. The hearing is very good but often disturbed by the noise of the animals own company. The view is pretty mediocre, but the perception of motion is perfect. The pit is the bath of the boar. Wet-bulb, more or less filled with water, it is frequented daily by wild boars. The boars do not have sweat glands. They therefore can not sweat. However, the warm-blooded body thermoregulation is vital! To regulate their body temperature, so they are forced to dive regularly in a filthy water and wallow. They say they defile. These mud baths also help them in getting rid of their skin parasites. The boars, little protection against the cold and wet is not defile. They do not wallow.

Photographing wild boars is difficult because Charente-Maritime forests are dense and very large. They fear people. Photo techniques are based on using blinds or approach.

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