Photographs of underwater sceneries of the Red Sea off Sudan

After the galleries showing the wreck of the Umbria and close-up photographs, here is a photo gallery showing the sceneries of the Red Sea coast off Sudan. All these photos were taken on the drop offs or banks bordering immense coral reefs flush with the surface. It is an explosion of life and colors. All colonies of soft or hard corals are in perfect condition.

The huge shoals of barracuda or trevally cross over banks as benches goldie fish and other reef fish are an ideal pantry. The underwater photographers must use a fisheye or wide angle of at least 20mm to reflect perfectly the size of coral colonies. Underwater bottoms are often located around 30 meters deep. The most beautiful drop off we have photographed was on the bank in the south of Sanganeb at 40 meters. The dive time is quite limited but worth the effort.

The best images were all made during the first dive of the day around 7:30 am. Coral reefs are often oriented north-south. The bakns are fully exposed during the morning. If I had to keep an image of this photo trip is undoubtedly the quietness of the dive sites, the density and diversity of animal species we observed and photographed. We are fortunate to never have strong currents. We had plenty of time to check the lights, compose and shoot. It had been years since I had not experienced such conditions for the photo sessions.

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