Choosing Fine Art Photography Allows You to Create Beautiful Photos

This Photograph of a Road in California Belongs to a Fine Art Collection named 'Leaving'.
This Photograph of a Road in California Belongs to a Fine Art Collection named 'Leaving'.

Reason #3: The Need for Calm and Serenity in an Introspective Search

Creating fine art photos is very time consuming. It is an activity that requires patience, humility, and self-denial. In my case, this activity constitutes my job as professional photographers.

In addition, I was primarily entrepreneur. Professional photography is a difficult job because nothing is ever certain. I must constantly make decisions and invest in activities that might not succeed. I must convince others to help me without any promise of return. I was constantly creating products that I am unsure whether they will sell.

My daily life is built solely on permanent uncertainty. However, one thing is certain: I have a real passion for nature and photography.

By creating artistic photographs, I find calm, tranquility, and serenity, allowing me to find the balance I need. I can continue to go forward seeing every morning as the first day of a new life.

Reason #4: The Desire to Leave My Footprint in the World

Although the idea of a legacy may seem presumptuous to some people, I always wanted to leave a small trace on this earth. I hope that some person in the future will be reminded of who I was and what I did.

That is why I moved on to publishing art books instead of my previous technical books. I have found that technical books are adapted to a given situation or to a technological trend. As soon as this moment is over, I am quickly forgotten. Technologies and techniques evolve quickly. A new book quickly supplants its precedents. Art books are timeless because they do not reflect a temporary technological state or a fashion. Art can be appreciated forever.

Creating artistic photographs allows me (or at least I hope) to leave a trace after I have disappeared. I feel the need to be part of humanity, to contribute my little stone to the construction of a gigantic building that goes far beyond my tiny persons.

I have always wanted to be more than mere witnesses of this life that passes and unfolds before my eyes. I have always behaved as actors of my own existence. I have discovered that artistic photography is a channel for me to contribute to the wellbeing of humanity by giving emotions and transmitting messages.

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I hope that at least a few of my artistic photographs will allow people to remember who I have been, what I have done, and the moral values and ethics of life I have believed in.

Reason #5: The Need to Create Beautiful "Things"

I love beautiful things. I are aware that beauty is a subjective concept as it varies from one person to another. It is a relative concept because it is related to the culture and individual experiences of each person.

As far as I are concerned, I appreciate harmonious, balanced, simple "things" that everyone can view easily. I very much enjoy elegance, which is above all things, an attitude for me to live out.

I attach significant importance to works that respect a fair balance of the masses and a beautiful harmony of colors and tones. I appreciate soft, rounded shapes. I like works that evoke a strong sense of power, whether it be suggestive, symbolic, and/or parabolic. Above all, I like works that seem to emit an atmosphere of poetry.

I diligently attend museums, exhibitions, any place where I can watch and admire beautiful objects. However, I am not mere witnesses. Watching and appreciating are two ways to enjoy beautiful things, although these are passive actions regardless of their inspiration. Being actors in my life by making my own decisions, I understand that artistic photography is a way of showing that which I most value. Moreover, it is a real means of expression to show the world as I see it. Art photography is a real means of engagement with other people.


I chose artistic photography to convey messages, to express my emotions and my feelings, and to describe my vision of the world. I have chosen the wonders of nature because they give me the peace and tranquility I need in my busy life as entrepreneurs. This gives me strength and allows me to re-energize, thus forging a true conscience within myself.

Be humble, patient, constant, persevering, and persistent because the road to excellence is long.


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