Landscapes of White Sand Dunes in the state of New Mexico in the United States

White Sand Dunes is the largest gypsum desert in the world. It is located in the northern Chihuahuan Desert in New Mexico. The sand dunes that stretch over 710 km2 are located at an altitude of 1600 meters.

Each year, the dunes continue to gain ground by engulfing yuccas plants who try to resist by launching into the sky long stems terminated by flowers. But nothing can stop the sand that comes from the erosion of the mountains that surround this huge basin.

The best time to take beautiful pictures is undoubtedly the twilight as the lights on the horizon are becoming very pink. The white gypsum dunes become radiant. The White Desert Sand Dunes has an extraordinary fauna with for example shrimp species whose eggs hatch at the time of the monsoon in August.

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