The drop offs of Safaga in the Red Sea, off Egypt

Giant gorgonians on a Safaga drop-off in the Red Sea.
Giant gorgonians on a Safaga drop-off in the Red Sea.

Safaga is a small fishing village located 60 kilometers south of Hurghada. It is an unspoilt destination that is full of surprises for divers and photographers eager to see beautiful dive sites. In this slideshow, we endeavored to show some pictures of the walls of Panorama Reef and Abu Kefan.

The walls of Safaga have nothing to envy to the reefs of St. John in relation to soft corals, hard and living on coral reefs. The only difference is that the pelagic encounters are rare in Safaga: no sharks and just few turtles. The walls are impressive and covered with soft corals, hence the high concentration of small reef fish. The dives are done on the outside of the Bay of Safaga and are located one hour by boat from the coast. When the wind speed is above 4 Beaufort, it is not possible to leave the bay and the drop offs are inaccessible.

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