The Banks of the Gironde Estuary in Charente-Maritime, France

The pictures from the banks of the Gironde estuary that we display in this gallery were taken in the department of Charente-Maritime. They were taken during the winter and spring and are part of a wider project on the Charente-Maritime over the 4 seasons.

The Gironde estuary is 75 km long and 12 km wide at its mouth. It is the largest in Western Europe, covering an area of 635 km2. The Gironde estuary is the joint of two rivers, the Garonne and Dordogne rivers, which join their ongoing Ambès beak. He gave his name to the department of Gironde.

One of the main characteristics of the estuary is the presence of several hundred hut with fishing net called "carlet" in French. They are used by traditional fishermen. Carlets are personal and the purchase price is approximately EUR 30 000. They are managed by a central agency located in Bordeaux.

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