The White Desert in the West of Egypt

The White Desert is located in the Western Desert (also called the Libyan Desert) in Egypt between the oases of Bahariya and Farafra. It's a huge expanse of desert 180 kilometers long. It is a white dazzling landscape dotted with shapes   sculpted by erosion. At the bend of a road coming from the old white desert, here is a hen sitting on eggs. She welcomes us. This is the most famous sculpture in the region. A little further on is a camel, not far we see a sphinx which seems to watch over these unique geological treasures. The White Desert is an inexhaustible field for all those who have vivid imagination.

Everyone can imagine an animal, an object. The heat is stifling in the day and it is difficult to resist. Yet there is no electric air conditioning to cool us. Only the roof of the tent that we plant each evening will give us some shade while waiting for the evening and very cold nights. The lights in the morning and evening are exceptional because we are far from any human pollution. It's a paradise for landscape photographers.

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