Egypt, Marsa Alam, Red Sea. Colors Harmonies of Underwater Close Up Photography.

Most underwater close-up photographs show portraits of fish, crustaceans and other reptiles. They also often attach to show animal behavior. These techniques used to show the underwater life is interesting but it is very restrictive because from one photographer to another one, the images are alike.

We tried to develop other methods to approach this type of photography. Even if we keep this kind approach with animal portraits or animal behaviors, we add other dimensions such as color harmonies in several colors or patterned lights. Both are photographic techniques that we use in landscape photography. This is a good way to surprise the audience because we use the imagination and the artistic education of the people.

They are particularly useful in close-up photography because the frames are very tight and scenes particularly well defined. It is more difficult to apply in wide angle, even if sometimes they are suitable as one of the slideshow displayed below.

In our close-up shots, of course, the subject occupies an important place because it is the main component of the composition. But we strive to show up the subject differently through colors and lights.

The gallery below shows some close-up shots taken at Marsa Alam in the Red Sea in Egypt.

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