The mountain birds of Costa Rica.

In 1970, a couple of botanists from Harvard University who studied micro orchids noted in their report that there is a large concentration of resplendent quetzals in the forests of the Costa Rica moutains region.

This magnificent bird so rare caused the influx of people who wanted to see these unique birds in the world. From this point that the birds of the mountains of Costa Rica began to be observed. Indeed, many endemic species were discovered. More than 170 different species of birds can be observed.

Dominant trees of the forest are oaks (about 75%). These massive trees used to grow the chicks from predators. So the branches are covered with many species of orchids are food for birds, especially for hummingbirds. Under the canopy, the atmosphere is very wet and saturated with water. This allows the development of many plant species such as bamboo that can reach 6 meters tall. There are also many species of palms and ferns. The density of various green plants species explain the existence of all these species.

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