Death Valley, California State, USA

Death Valley is the largest national park in the United States, and also one of the most beautiful. But Death Valley is also one of the hottest and most arid areas of the planet. Summer temperatures reach about 45 °C in the shade with highs of 50 °C. The landscape of Death Valley are among the most fascinating and unique. This is a show with colors and incredible shapes, especially at dawn and dusk. Located 86 meters below sea level, the park estzone the lowest in the Americas.

There are several million years, a huge lake, 200 m deep, covered this valley surrounded by a chain of mountains culminating today at 3350 m. Winds Pacific never penetrate the Valley of Death. Dried up in the last few thousand years, the lake has left behind a vast deposit of sediment that gives the Death Valley colors both strange and fascinating. The landscapes chaotic forms are proof that the valley experienced a great volcanic activity in the past. In 1849, hundreds of gold miners seeking a shortcut that they never found. Engaged in the valley, they had to abandon their carts and cattle before they leave. One man was killed and scorching desert was called the Valley of Death.

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