July 2018. Wildlife Photography Project in Charente-Maritime to Photograph Fawns and Young Wild Boars

In July 2018, for the fourth consecutive year, we traveled to Charente-Maritime in France to photograph fawns, does, boars, and red stag deer.

This wildlife photography project is important to us. Because of the animals’ natural shyness, it can be difficult to observe the deer at this time in the year. During the rut season, the deer are bolder and easier to photograph. Indeed, fawns are born during the months of May and June, after which the doe form herds to protect the fawns from the predators. These herds move a lot. For us as photographers, it's an ugly headache to look for them. Sometimes we must walk ten or twenty kilometers through the meadows, forests, and woods to find the traces of a herd.

Our main technique for photographing red deer in Europe is the blind. We love to choose decorations and lighting for our photographs. During the summer, this technique is not successful as the deer move to different locations frequently.

The only certainty we have during the summer is that stags and does frequent ponds for endless swimming and hydration to cool off in the sweltering heat.

This summer of 2018 was particularly hot in Charente-Maritime. During the day, temperatures often exceeded 32 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). We chose to start on the field at 5:30 in the morning to enjoy the morning freshness. In the evening we stayed on the field until 21:30 to enjoy the beautiful twilight lights.

To avoid heat, stags and does chose to shelter in the oak forests. Although the shade was refreshing, this was not the ideal place for us to make our photos because the trees and leaves interfere with the lighting. Nevertheless, we tried to adapt to the situation.

This year, we chose to work with the lights instead of against them. We used them to showcase our decorations, which is a special step because we usually do the opposite. Because of the weather conditions, this approach was more profitable for us.

We managed to make thirty photos for a week, which is remarkable considering the weather conditions.

We also had the chance to photograph some young wild boars who were trying to hide from the sun's rays. The difficulty with young wild boars is that they are small and difficult to find in the tall, thick summer grasses. We strived to observe the females with their black backs (visible from hundreds of meters) and then to creep closer with the technique of approach. We managed to create some interesting photographs.

All the photographs we took on the field are intended for the creation of art prints for our "Around the World" or "Around the Mind" collections.

Wildlife Photo Project in France in July 2018: red deer stag.
Wildlife Photo Project in France in July 2018: red deer doe and its fawn.
Wildlife Photo Project in France in July 2018: red deer doe and its fawn.
Wildlife Photo Project in France in July 2018: young wild boar.
Wildlife Photo Project in France in July 2018: red deer stag.

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