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Fine Art Print Collections "Around the World"

The collections "Around the World" include art photographs relating to geographical locations, terrestrial land species, or underwater animal species. These art collections are available in two styles: "Lights and Colors" or "Shades of Black and White".

A white spoonbill in flight and in backlight.
A white spoonbill in flight and in backlight.

Primarily, Art Photographs

My "Around the World" photography collections are primarily artistic photographs. They reflect my photographic approach and my artistic vision. These photographs are an interpretation of the wonders of nature that I see through the lenses of my cameras. Even if I show geographical places, terrestrial animal species, or underwater animal species, I recreate a universe from my own perspective – a universe solely belonging to me.

I try to show my emotions, my feelings, and my state of being through pure scenes full of peace. These photographs are an invitation to introspection, to mindfully dwell on the wonders of nature.

I take great care in managing light, detail, structure, texture, composition, and framing to create an aesthetic piece of art.

Collections are Available in Both Styles

The "Around the World" art collections are available in two styles: "Shades of Black and White" and "Lights and Colors".

Collections are Only Available in Limited Editions

All my fine art prints are only available in limited edition. 3 copies are available for each fine art print. They are signed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Collections are Available in Different Finishes

All of my fine art photos are available in different finishes. You can choose paper or the luxury framed finish.

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An Invitation to Dream and Discover the Wonders of Nature

I created these art photographs to help you, my viewers, to dream; I wish to help you escape the monotony of daily life through the contemplation of my works. These photos are a small window into the fascinating wonders of nature that surround us.

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I always strive to show scenes with unique and evanescent moments. The collections "Around the World" are a testimony to the fact that we must conserve and preserve our terrestrial and underwater nature. However, this naturalistic aspect is approached in a strictly artistic form.

Some of my photos show known places or known animal species. But my artistic purpose exists as a testimony to the beauty that is everywhere, even in those subjects considered to be ordinary. I always strive to show unknown facets of banal scenes. I believe that opinions and perspective lie within the photographer's eye and in his way of managing elements that are at his disposal; such as light, shadows, and matter. For me, the exceptional is secondary when creating an art photography. An exceptional scene is only interesting if it is highlighted artistically in the photograph. If the purpose of the scene is to be documentary or descriptive, it has no emotional interest. Such a work will not evoke dreams. It will not open that little door into the imaginary world, which allows the viewer to escape.

Even if these collections are somewhat descriptive, I try to add fundamental elements such as the choice of light or points of view to encourage my viewers to dream.

Photographic Treasures are Often Found in Our Garden

As I have said, the exceptional, the incredible, and the extraordinary is only interesting if the scenes show an artistic interest. The wonders of nature are often in our personal home garden or waiting patiently on our doorstep. Most people often forget to remain observant in daily life. I am not trying to search in lost areas for ancient wonders, but I am searching for hidden treasures in ordinary places I encounter on a daily basis. I have learned to watch, to evaluate, and to discover that the eye can be educated. Of course, it takes a long time to see and understand that nature is beautiful everywhere, nevertheless I have arrived at such a stage.

My "Around the World" art photographs show exotic landscapes or animals that may be very different from the ordinary animals you live alongside. Most of the time, I focus on the commonplace and the banal.

All my know-how and sensitivity are intended to show that the wonders of nature are everywhere. Through my photographic works, I simply try to surprise and to awaken the spirit of my viewers through my artistic eye.

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