August 2018. Landscape Photo Project in the State of Wyoming to Artistically Photograph Yellowstone National Park

Blue hour at dawn over the lake of Yellowstone.
Blue hour at dawn over the lake of Yellowstone.

August 2018. Each year, we spend a few days in Yellowstone National Park of Wyoming to create artistic photographs of landscapes and animals.

This summer of 2018 was very strange. The temperatures were higher than usual. We did not have any frost in the morning. The cold periods occurred less often and less severely; we did not have the freezing fog we encountered in previous years.

We created photographs of very different landscapes. Our compositions and our framings evoked a more dreamlike, evanescent character.

We experienced many storms, especially in the Lamar Valley. It was an opportunity to capture the tumultuous, expanding clouds. These photos will be featured in our collection of art photographs entitled "Turmoil".

The other highlight of our trip involved the many bison in Hayden Valley. We viewed thousands of bison during our trip. Young bison were also very numerous. Since food was abundant in the Yellowstone meadows, the females gave birth to many young.

Finally, a strange phenomenon we found is that there were few deer this year. In previous years, we photographed these majestic creatures, both male and female, by the hundreds. However, during this trip, we saw many female deer but no stags. The numbers were fewer.

This year, since the weather was cloudier, the lights were much softer. We were most creative when incorporating the reflections on the water and transparency of the lakes. With these photographs, we have created very abstract and evocative works of art.

We experienced tremendous blue hours. We were able to capture nuances that seem to extend into infinity. It appears as if there is no horizon. The photographs are very relaxing and easy to comprehend. The moods illuminated are unreal.

These photographs we took on the field are intended for the creation of art prints for our "Around the World" or "Around the Mind" collections.

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