Underwater close-up photographs in Red Sea off Sudan

The Red Sea off the coast of Sudan is a paradise for underwater photographers who photograph close-ups. Corals are in perfect condition; sites are not dived a lot; animals are not disturbed and not scarred by divers. During a dive on the plateau in south Sanganed we could shoot more than a dozen long nose hawkfishs in a very large colony of black coral. It was the first time we could see as many fish of this species during a single dive.

The number of species of clownfish is equally impressive. We were able to observe and photograph coral gobies on each coral colony that we have seen.

The close-up photograph often requires negative spaces in good condition. This is the case for example for sea goldie fish. As the underwater bottoms are in perfect condition, it is very easy to choose the setting for these highly mobile species. Our only regret is the lack of nudibranchs. Finally, these species are poorly developed in the Red Sea. We had already made the observation in Egypt. Sudan offers many opportunities for small animals in motion.

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