November 16, 2017. Wildlife Photo Conference at the International Nature Festival of Montier-en-Der

On November 16, 2017, we were invited by the organizers of the international nature festival of Montier-en-Der to host a wildlife photo conference. More than 130 people attended this conference under the big top tent. For us, this event was a recognition of the work we have been doing for several years.

The Theme of the Conference: "How to Create Interesting Wildlife Photographs"

For this wildlife photography conference, we explored the theme of "How to Create Interesting Wildlife Photographs". For us, it was an occasion to explain the foundations of our photographic method: ACANP.

As professional wildlife photographers, we do not have much time to take photographs in the field. Much of our time is devoted to marketing solicitation, marketing research, and administrative management (invoicing and order tracking) for our clients. We have created a method that allows us to optimize our time when shooting in the field. We have chosen to explain this method to as many photographers as possible, because it will help them create interesting photographs.

We believe that when the photographic approach is aligned with easily constructed, identifiable processes, the more smoothly the photographer can create interesting photos.

A Very Large Assembly: A Special Surprise for Us

For this conference, we were expecting about thirty festival-goers in the room. We arrived at noon to connect our computer to the TV screen and to test the microphone. It was with great surprise that we found that all seating arrangements were already occupied. As we prepared, the hall continued to fill up to reach 130 guests. Many people were standing in the two aisles that adjoined the conference room.

For us it was a wonderful surprise to see that we could arouse interest in so many people.

Stress is always present before a presentation. After a few minutes of monologue, we relaxed and gave the best of ourselves to our audience in explaining the foundations of our method.

All people stayed for the duration of the conference. This is a very positive point. Our comments touch upon the sensitivity of the audience.

ACANP: A Proven Method

We have been using the ACANP method for years to animate our wildlife, underwater, or landscape photography courses. Our trainees who used this approach saw a real progression in their artistry and a clear improvement in the production of their photographs.

We thought that these conferences dedicated to photography were a natural and normal way to extend the logic we adopted for our nature photography courses.

One Hour to Unveil the Wonders of Wildlife Photography

The conference lasted one hour. It started at 12:30PM and ended at 1:30PM.

We discussed the main principles that we support when making beautiful wildlife photographs.

The overall photography expertise level of the participants was very high. We had to answer many specific questions. It is always a real pleasure to share our techniques and our photography knowledge with so many individuals.

We tackled complex themes like the choice of photographic elements and attributes, explaining these thing in an uncomplicated, straightforward manner. We wanted to present a simple speech that would be highly educational and yet easily understood by the entire assembly.

Sharing with as Many Photographers as Possible

For us, the conferences dedicated to wildlife photography are a way to share our secrets of beautiful photographs with as many people as possible. It is also a way to promote the existence of our company among other communities. Although we are professional photographers, we believe that sharing our knowledge on a personal level is the real engine of our life’s passion.

We believe that it is useless to accumulate knowledge and skills if we do not share them with the greatest number of photographers. We want others to succeed. This is the sole reason why we created our first underwater photo courses in 2007.

As time continues, we continue to learn, and we also follow internships each year to enrich and improve our knowledge of photography. We perform syntheses that we add to our ACANP method, and we then use this new information to teach our trainees. Our trainees who join us in our journey of learning, make our work seem deeply gratifying.

Our passion for the wonders of nature encourages us to fiercely defend this earth we have been given. It also kindles a desire to exchange knowledge with other photographers.


This conference in Montier-en-Der was a real success. Of course, only one hour to explain our practice of animal photography is too short of a time span. Nevertheless, the invitation we received from the organizers of the festival plus the enormous number of attendees are concrete proof that our work in sharing our passion for the wonders of nature is beginning to be recognized on a much broader level, and we are truly grateful.


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