November 15, 2017. Wildlife Photo Conference in Châlons-en-Champagne in France

On November 15, 2017, following the invitation of UR04 (Regional Union of Champagne-Ardenne) of the French photography federation, we presented a wildlife photo conference in the city of Châlons-en-Champagne in France. Eighty people came to listen to the principles of our photographic method.

We thank Gérard Antoine and Philippe Jeanson for the photos they took during the conference.


The Theme of the Conference: "How to Create Interesting Wildlife Photographs"

For this wildlife photography conference, we chose the theme of "How to Create Interesting Wildlife Photographs". For us, it was an occasion to explain the foundations of our photographic method: ACANP.

As professional wildlife photographers, we do not have much time when taking photographs on the field. Much of our time is devoted to marketing solicitation, marketing research, and administrative management such as invoicing and order tracking for clients. Because of the time concern, we have created a method that allows us to optimize our time when shooting on the field.

We have chosen to explain this method to as many photographers as possible to aid in the creation of interesting photographs.

We believe that when the photographic approach is closely aligned to identifiable processes, which are simple to establish, a photographer can better create interesting photos.

ACANP: A Proven Method

We have been using the ACANP method for years to animate our wildlife, underwater, or landscape photography courses. Our trainees who equipped the ACANP method have seen a definite progression in their artistic approach and a clear improvement in the production of their photographs.

We thought that these conferences were a natural way to extend the logic we adopted for our nature photography courses.

Discovering Wildlife Photography in a Two-Hour Conference

The conference lasted a little more than two hours. It started at 7:30 PM and ended at almost 10:00 PM.

We discussed the main principles of making beautiful wildlife photographs.

Overall, the level of participants’ photography experience was very high. We were impressed by their many specific questions. It is always a true pleasure for us to share our techniques and our photo know-how with so many other photographers.

During the conference, we tackled complex themes like the choice of photographic elements and attributes in an uncomplicated, direct manner. We wanted to give a simple educational speech that could easily be understood by the entire assembly.

Influencing Many Photographers

Through our conferences dedicated to wildlife photography, we can share our secrets of beautiful photography with a large number of people. In this way, the spark of knowledge is lighted, and by impacting so many individuals, we are encouraged to continue sharing our work as professional photographers.

We believe that it is useless to accumulate knowledge and skills if we do not share them with the greatest number of photographers. This is why we created our first underwater photo courses in 2007.

Over ten years have passed since then, and we continue to learn each day. We follow internships every year to enrich and improve our knowledge of photography. Then we perform a synthesis that we add to our ACANP method. We enjoy having our trainees join us in this adventure.

Our passion for the wonders of nature leads us to fiercely defend the land that has been given to us. We are encouraged to exchange information with as many photographers as possible.


This conference in Châlons-en-Champagne was a real success. We believe that our guests have fully benefited from our theoretical explanations. As always, a conference is too short a time span for us to fully unravel our techniques and secrets. Nevertheless, these two hours were a blessing and a pleasure for us to share our passion for nature.


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