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Professional Photographer Passionate for the Wonders of Nature

I am a multifaceted professional photographer combining a solid experience of technical photographic skills, the ability to speak and write in two languages, and consistent willingness to share my passion for the wonders of nature. My adeptness in computer skills enables me to stand at the forefront in this competitive field where computers play a major role in content. All these elements support my goal: to share and communicate my passion for the wonders of nature.

Amar Guillen, professional photographer of nature in the Canyon de Chelly.
Amar Guillen, professional photographer of nature in the Canyon de Chelly.

10 Good Reasons to Use My Services:

  • I have an authentic photographic vision.
  • I have expertise in both land and underwater photographyy.
  • I have a long career and a solid experience, as I have managed my company for over 16 years.
  • I have an excellent reputation in three recognized specialties: landscape, wildlife, and underwater.
  • I am available for your unique projects and I always listen to your needs.
  • I am both creative and imaginative photographers with ambition.
  • I know how to respect your specifications for a project.
  • I am a bilingual photographer.
  • Inspired by the wonders of nature, I truly want to share that joy with you.

Always Aware of the Latest Technology

Each day, I continue to expand my knowledge with the latest available technology. This allows me to stay abreast of the latest technological innovations, whether in hardware or software. My skills and experience are an advantage for customers because I create photographs corresponding exactly to specifications. I continually remain alert to new techniques in photography because they allow me to offer improved ideas and alternative perspectives on the wonders of nature. Although my signature style defines my work, I still strive to keep an open mind to the constantly changing world.

I have mastered Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom as well as the external modules dedicated to photo editing, such as those sold by OnOneSoftware, NikSoftware, and AutoFxSoftware. My professional website has become an artistic showcase for my work. This technical mastery is a guarantee that my customers will receive a complete and finished work. My completed photographs do not require additional work.

Bilingual in French and English

I am fully bilingual in French and English, both of which I practice daily. I can write texts in French or English, allowing me to work in many countries.

Creation and Sale of Fine Art Photographs

Wherever a fine-art photograph is exhibited, that location then contains a daily reminder of the wonders of nature.

I create collections of fine art photographs which I sell through my website and photo galleries. Each of these collections consists of art photographs published in limited editions.

The production of these prints is always under my control. The longevity of the photographs is ensured by the printing process.

Each print is numbered, signed and accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity, which includes a numbered hologram, the title of the work and its reference, the place and date of shooting, the edition number of the print and the total number of editions, the dimensions and nature of the paper, the date and place of printing, and the printing process used. These documents are marked as genuine by the presence of a Hahnemühle ® watermark and fluorescent security fibers.

Publication of Books

I regularly publish books on photographic techniques, as well as coffee-table books. These books allow me to show others the wonders of nature through my photographs and reveal new adventures in unknown realms of photography.

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