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Services of a Professional Photographer Specializing in Wildlife, Underwater and Landscape Photography

Taking a picture is much more than just pressing a button: it creates a very real connection between the photographer and the subject. Before you call me for your photo project, take the time to immerse yourself in my world. Find out why I picked this job and what my vision is. You are the one who chooses the subject for your photo project, but, before you ask me to photograph it for you, make sure that my vision fits with what you want.

Conceptual photograph taken on a pond. Stakes taken with a long exposure.
Conceptual photograph taken on a pond. Stakes taken with a long exposure.

Professional Photographer

When you use my services, whether you need pictures for an exhibit or a documentar, you are calling on me for my expertise. Controlling the color and lighting of a scene require skills and experience that only time can teach, and that I have gained through my years of experience.

My professionalism, knowledge and ability to listen to my customers are my greatest assets. A camera, as sophisticated as it is, is not enough to get the photos you need. A good photograph has to be much more than sharp and properly exposed.

Three Specialties, one Goal: Photographing Nature

I love the wonders of nature. Every place is different there are a thousand different ways to photograph it, each of them bringing out some particular beauty. Every moment in time is unique. The pictures that I take on a certain day are unlike any other pictures that I have ever taken or will ever take of that place. They have different lighting, a different tone. They showcase different elements of the scene.

I chose photography to share with others the emotions I feel when I observe nature, whether on land or underwater. The wonders of Nature are my inspiration.

Creativity is a Second Nature to Me

In all of my photo projects, I have the touch of creativity that makes all the difference. During my years as a photographer, I have learned to use my initiative and imagination to create the images that my customers want.

Compliance With Specifications

I have been a professional photographer since 2003. During these years, I have perfected my ability to comply with the specifications laid down by my clients. I have a rigorous process that I use to make sure all my images comply with the guidelines. I always use innovative strategies to meet the budget and time limits for my photo projects.

My Artistic Vision

My photographic vision is to capture the ephemeral auras of nature that transcend the visible; to feel the balance of the natural elements and put them together to create harmonious compositions; to create photographs that will inspire others. I am an artist.

Technology Just Helps Me to Create Photographs

Whatever technology I use in taking pictures, from my cameras to the software I use to edit my pictures, is a means to an end. I use it to showcase the wonders of nature. It is never an end in and of itself.

Expert in Retouching Photographs

Even if I get exactly the photo that you want, it will still need a little bit of editing to make it absolutely perfect. When you come to me, you also benefit from my expertise in this very complex area. My goal is not to create pictures of something unreal, but to enhance the beauty of what is really there.

Delivery of High-End Photographs

When you use my pictures for your exhibits or purchase my fine art photographs, I guarantee that the prints you get are of unparalleled quality. All my prints are made by a professional lab. The products and printing techniques which they use have been carefully selected and are not available to the general public.

My services

  • Selling fine art photography.
  • Conducting exhibitions outdoors or indoors.
  • Publishing technical or art books.

Bilingual in French and English

I speak French and English and practice both languages daily. I can write texts in French or English. This allows us to carry out projects in many countries.


Photography is my passion and my reason for living. But it is also the way I make my living. Successfully completing the projects requested by my customers is my highest priority. I am always at their service to meet the exact specifications. My vision and my technical and commercial know-how are at your service. Contact me if you have a photo project, exhibition for creating beautiful photographs.