Amar Guillen: A Professional Photographer Artist of Nature living in Texas, USA

Texas offered me all the conditions I wanted to satisfy my passion for the wonders of nature. Unusual lighting conditions around the Gulf of Mexico and the nearby wetlands are a real gift to me and make these some of my favorite places to photograph.

Landscape of Big Bend National Park in Texas, United States.
Landscape of Big Bend National Park in Texas, United States.

Incredible Lights and Colors, Inspiration for Me

I chose photography as a way to show others the wonders of nature and preserve all the special moments that we live. I like to use unique lighting to bring out the beauty of my subjects. Texas, thanks to its geographical location, offers me many opportunities to do this.

I always try to look beyond the obvious things in nature. I found an infinite source of inspiration for my landscape, seascape and wildlife photographs in Texas. Its environment offers me countless opportunities to carry out my artistic vision.

A Wide Variety of Environments

On land in the forests and the wetlands, and under the sea in the Gulf of Mexico, I found a multitude of beautiful, captivating subjects which urge me to record the wonders and fragility of nature.

Texas gives me extraordinary opportunities to express myself artistically through photographing its varied landscapes and seascapes. Texas gives me the opportunity to be in harmony with my vision of photography.

An Ideal Area for Wildlife, Landscape and Underwater Photography

Landscape, wildlife and underwater photography are perfect ways to showcase the natural wonders of the region, while opening up opportunities for artistic creation.

The birds of the coast wetlands, the mammals in the forests, and landscapes of Palo Duro and Big Bend offer me many good opportunities to create great photographs. The Gulf of Mexico is one of my favorite places for underwater photography.

Sharing My Love for Texas’ Wonders With Other Photographers

I also love to meet other photographers passionate about the wonders of nature, so I organize photo trips and workshops in Texas. I share my techniques and my knowledge about the behaviors of wildlife and the environments found here. These workshops are wonderful opportunities for me to share my passion and my expertise with curious photographers and to help them move forward in their quest for inspiration. Sharing my techniques often helps participants in my photo trips find new creative inspiration.

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