November 25, 2017. Wildlife Photo Conference in Saint-Nazaire in Brittany in France

On November 25, 2017, we were invited by the association "Objectif Image" of Saint-Nazaire to animate a photo conference whose theme was "Create interesting animal photos".

We took part in the 27th national authors' fair.

80 people came to listen to us for two hours and three quarters.

We thank Annick Guérive for the photos she took during the conference.


The Conference Theme "How to Create Interesting Wildlife Photos"

We are professional photographers passionate about the wonders of nature. One of our specialties is wildlife photography. We have a passion for deer, wetland birds and large African mammals. To convey our passion for animals, we organize wildlife photography courses. But many people hesitate to take the plunge and participate in a workshop. Wildlife photography conferences are a way for us to make ourselves known and to discover as many people as we transmit our knowledge and skills.

During this conference in Saint-Nazaire we had the chance to have a whole afternoon to explain our pedagogical approach and our vision of wildlife photography.

For nearly 3 hours, we explained the basics of our approach by revealing a lot of tricks we use on the field whether to use our cameras or our camouflage techniques.

Once again, we have not been stingy with advice. We explained why and how we implemented our ACANP method to improve our artistic creativity.

As we have explained, we have little time to go on the field to create artistic photographs that will become art prints. We must maximize our time to be as efficient as possible. Over time and during the workshops, we realized that most photographers, even amateurs, had the same problems as us in the field. We decided to go meet them to explain to them how we proceeded to create interesting animal photos whether from fixed blinds or floating blinds for example.

We believe that the more the photographic approach is structured with identifiable processes that are simple to set up, the more the photographer can create interesting photos.

ACANP: A Proven Method

We have been using the ACANP method for years to animate our wildlife, underwater or landscape photography courses. Our trainees saw a real progression in their artistic approach and a clear improvement in the production of their photographs.

We thought that these conferences dedicated to photography were a natural and normal way to extend the logic we adopted for our nature photography courses.

80 People for a Conference of Nearly 3 hours

For this conference, which took place during the 27th Salon of Photographic Artists in Saint Nazaire, 80 people came to attend the event. It was an unexpected success because chairs had to be added for everyone to sit.

The Republic Lounge is a magnificent room, perfectly adapted to conferences. Everything was done for the event to be successful and everyone can listen in peace.

As always for us, a photo conference is a delicate moment because it is an event that requires a lot of preparation and a lot of concentration. This conference took place for one afternoon. We had no time limit. For nearly 3 hours, from 2.30 pm to 5.15 pm, we explained our concepts to a passionate and interested audience. As always, the photographers we had before us did not suspect the difficulty of putting in place an artistic approach to create creative animal photographs.

We hope to have been able to infuse this energy that will allow those present to go even further in the creation of their shots.

The Opportunity Also to Expose our Photos of La Dombes

This conference dedicated to wildlife photography was also an opportunity for us to exhibit at the 27th Salon of Photographic Artists. We had chosen the exhibition devoted to atmospheres on the ponds of La Dombes. This exhibition had already been shown in La Dombes and at the festival of Montier-en-Der.

It was an opportunity for us to show our knowledge in artistic photography.

Our Idea: Share with the Largest Number of Photographers

The conferences dedicated to wildlife photography are for us a way to share with the greatest number of people, our secrets to make beautiful photographs but it is also a way to better be known. The sharing of our knowledge remains for us the real engine of our life even if we are professional photographers.

We believe that it is useless to accumulate knowledge and skills if we do not share them with the greatest number of photographers. That's why we created our first underwater photo courses in 2007.

We continue to learn, and we also follow internships every year to enrich and improve our knowledge of photography. Then we perform a synthesis that we add to our ACANP method. Then we teach it to the trainees who make us the pleasure of coming to join us.

Our passion for the wonders of nature leads us to fiercely defend the land that has been given to us. But it also passes by the passion to exchange and to share with the greatest number of photographers.


This conference in Saint-Nazaire was a real success. This 3-hour presentation was an opportunity for us to show and explain how we were implementing and how we shared our passion for the wonders of nature. These events are the best way to make known our vision and our method because we can meet qualified audiences who want to go further their artistic endeavors.


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