December 9, 2017. Underwater Photo Conference in Talence

On December 9, 2017, we were invited by the audio-visual commission of the French diving federation of Gironde to animate a photo conference according to the theme "How to Create Interesting Underwater Photos".

For a little more than two hours, sixty people came to listen to us.

Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.

The Theme of the Conference: "How to Create Interesting Underwater Photos"

As professional photographers passionate about the wonders of nature, we have chosen to show the beauties that populate the seas and oceans. Our first job in photography was to be underwater professional photographers.

We started by photographing the wrecks of the English Channel. We then began exploring the Brittany and Atlantic coasts before heading to the depths of the Red Sea. We explored many parts of the world without ever reaching the limits we had set ourselves. The world is so vast that we quickly realized that one lifetime would never be enough to visit and photograph all the mysteries of the ocean.

The seabed has always fascinated us. We were fortunate to keep our camera intact after our first dives. Over time, underwater housings and strobes have become as important accessories as our regulators or scuba tanks.

We never stopped bringing back memories of the regions where we have dived. Our goal has always been to share our passion for underwater photography. Early on we published articles and photos for underwater magazines distributed around the world. Our first three books have been devoted to this rather complex technical field where the laws of physics are so different from the terrestrial world.

For years we have made photographs for many photo agencies. The time we devoted to documentary photography was very factual. It was not until many years later, when we reverted to artistic photography, that we felt the need to testify in a more creative and personal way. It is for this reason that we have developed a method based on the development of creativity: ACANP.

During the conference given in Talence that was devoted to underwater photography, we explained how we made our creative and artistic photos, both in wide-angle photography and close-up photography. We took this opportunity to develop the major themes of our artistic vision.

For a little more than two hours, we explained how to create impacting underwater photos by photographing whale sharks, turtles, nudibranchs, and fish.

We explained that the ACANP method allows the photographer to capture simple subjects (such as crustaceans or seahorses) and present them as artistically as one might present an endemic species from the unique Lembeh Strait in Indonesia. In this way, something mundane can be transformed into something extraordinary. We have endeavored to show that an underwater artistic photograph does not solely revolve around of the subject, but also incorporates the perspective and highlights of the photographer. When a photographer wishes to transmit certain messages to the viewer, he can utilize the theoretical and practical tools of the ACANP method.

As we mentioned previously, we have very little time to capture the artistic photographs that will become art prints. Thus, we must maximize our time to ensure the greatest efficiency possible. During our workshops, we realized that most photographers, even amateurs, encountered similar challenges in the water. We decided to confront these problems and discuss with other photographers about our process for creating interesting underwater photos.

We believe that the more the photographic approach is structured with identifiable, easily established processes, the more creative a photographer can be when creating interesting photos.

ACANP: A Proven Method

We have been using the ACANP method for years to animate our wildlife, underwater or landscape photography courses. Our trainees saw a real progression in their artistic approach and a clear improvement in the production of their photographs.

We thought that these conferences dedicated to photography were a natural and normal way to extend the logic we adopted for our nature photography courses.

A Two-Hour Conference of Sixty People

For this conference, which took place in Talence (in the suburbs of Bordeaux, France) sixty people attended the event. For us, it was a great success; underwater photography is an intimate artistic discipline, which is little practiced.

As always, a photo conference is a delicate moment for us. It is an event that requires vast preparation and strong concentration. For more than two hours, from 7:00 pm to 9:15 pm, we explained our concepts to a passionate and interested audience. The photographers presenting before us did not suspect the difficulty of putting in place an artistic approach to create creative underwater photographs.

We hope to have been able to infuse energy into the minds of those who listened to our speech. Perhaps our words will allow them to expand their horizons in the creation of shots.

During the friendly conversation that took place after the conference, we exchanged further ideas with many photographers. We have a distinct impression of having changed several perspectives of individuals who photograph the underwater world. It is a great personal satisfaction to see such rapid changes.

Our Idea: Share with the Largest Number of Photographers

These conferences dedicated to underwater photography are a way for us to share our secrets of beautiful photography with a vast number of people. It is also a means for us to increase publicity. For us, sharing our knowledge is a rewarding spark of life for us as professional photographers.

We believe that it is useless to accumulate knowledge and skills if we do not share them with the greatest number of photographers. That's why we created our first underwater photo courses in 2007.

We continue to learn, and we also undergo internships every year to enrich and improve our knowledge of photography. After performing a synthesis for our ACANP method, we teach it to our trainees, who provide a delightfully rewarding experience.

Our passion for the wonders of nature leads us to fiercely defend the land that has been given to us. But it also kindles our passion for exchanging knowledge with the greatest number of photographers.


This two-hour conference in Talence was a real success. It was an opportunity for us to explain how we implemented our ACANP method to highlight our passion for the underwater wonders of nature. These events are the best way to make known our vision and our method; we encounter qualified audiences who also strive to exceed personal boundaries of artistic endeavors.

Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.
Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.
Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.
Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.
Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.
Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.
Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.
Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.
Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.
Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.
Underwater photo conference in Talence in December 2017.


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