Egypt. Red Sea. Shark Reef

The drop off of Shark reef is located in the north of the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt. For us, Shark Reef is one of the top ten dives in the world and it is the southern point of the Sina¨peninsula. The wall falls to more than 300 meters (900 feet) of depth but most of the marine life is located in the first 30 meters (90 feet). It is a real explosion of colors because the variety of hard and soft coral colonies. These banks of coral are covered by corallian fish trying to hide from their natural predators. If you turn back the wall, there is a splendid light that irradiates the blue water. This light is a consequence of the deep depth because there is no sand to reflect it. In the open water, you can meet huge school of fishes like bat fish. If there is no current coming from north, Shark Reef offers a great surprise: huge sea fans located at 30 meters. They grew filtering the plankton brought by the current. They are in a perfect shape because there are not many divers at this depth. If you go close to the surface, the wall becomes the home of huge coral tables called acropora.

Shark Reef is on the most beautiful drop off in the world even if the sharks which gave the name of the site have disappeared for many years. But Shark Reef should be a site to be dive at least once in a diving life.

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