Brothers Islands coral reefs, Red Sea, Egypt

The Brothers Islands (El Al Ikhwan or Akhawein) consist of two islands and are in the middle of the Red Sea about 70 kilometers from the village of El Quseir. They are two completely barren reefs that go down over 500 meters deep. The largest of the islands, located to the north, has a length of 300 meters. It is topped by a stone lighthouse built in 1880 by the British in the Victorian style and measures 100 meters high. The drop offs of Big Brother house two beautiful wrecks: the Numidia and Aida. The Numidia is a British cargo of 145 meters long which was carrying rail equipment and sank in 1901. The Aida is another wreck north-west and was an Egyptian troop carrier that sank in 1947 after the bad weather while on the rotation of the garrison. Little Brother is located one kilometer south of the largest island. It is a barren little island with heaps of stones and an Egyptian flag attached to a large piece of wood. It's in Little Brother that we can observe more hammerhead sharks.

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