Coral Reefs of Daedalus, Red Sea, Egypt

Daedalus Reef is a circular reef topped by a 100 meter tall lighthouse, which can be visited. It was built in 1931 by the French to replace a metal tower dating from 1863 which was badly damaged and rusty. It is painted with black stripes and white. In front of the lighthouse, there is a small rail that allows to refuel guards using a small wagon.

The reef is located 40 miles from the Egyptian coast and is located halfway between Small Brothers and Zabargad. It measures 600 meters long by 300 meters wide. In Arabic, Daedalus Reef means Abu (father) el Kizan (glass). This term refers to the shape of the reef that looks like a returned glass table. Dadalus is a site that is very deep but is one of the most beautiful in the Red Sea. We can observe lots of pelagics fish such as manta rays, oceanic sharks (Longimanus), silky sharks, white tip sharks.

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