5 Reasons for You to Create Abstract Photos

Abstract photo created in Petrified Forest from a natural scene. Photograph from Amar Guillen, photographer artist.
Abstract photo created in Petrified Forest from a natural scene.

Some Abstract Photographers

The photographers who have practiced or who practice abstract photography are not numerous. Indeed, it is a difficult discipline that requires a lot of intellectual hindsight and a particular state of mind.

I appreciate the photographic work of Otto Steiner. Steiner was a German photographer who was one of the precursors of abstract photography. He used many of the contrast techniques with black and white photos.

Marta Hoepfner is also a German photographer who sought her way in abstract photography.

Jordan Sullivan is an American abstract photographer. His abstract photos are bathed in light. They are very colorful and enchanting.

Do not hesitate to conduct some research on the internet to discover artists or to open new creative paths.

Why: Creating Abstract Photos

Generally speaking, I always say that abstract photography allows you to approach the world around you in a different and original way.

Real images, whether they are in photo or video form, depict raw and direct scenes. These are the ones we may see every day with our human eyes and yet struggle to notice.

Abstract photography allows us to consider the real world with shapes and shadows. It shows a more subtle universe. It is certain that the photographed scenes are more imprecise than the real one. It is a way of photographing where the aesthetic aspect takes precedence over the subject.

I think that abstract photography is a lot like how when we experience emotions or sensations, it can seem impossible to precisely describe our emotions with words. We use general terms to evoke or translate how we are feeling. This is exactly what I think of abstract photography.

The abstract photo reflects the unspeakable. It is not factual. The creation of abstract photographs does not aim to capture a real scene to immortalize it. It is not intended to sanctify a moment.

Its purpose is to suggest, to make us feel the emotions and sensations that we bury within ourselves and try to forget. Abstract photography perfectly symbolizes our hidden stories, the things that we experience but dare not admit openly. Abstract photos can be the witness of your dreams and of your deepest, most intimate thoughts.

When you master this photographic theme, you will show a hidden side of yourself. Just like you are unique, so are your photos. You are different from other photographers because you are remarkable.

Finally, by sharing the authenticity of yourself and your personality through your work, you will be able to achieve a certain goal you may be seeking: to create a community of people who share similar values as you.

Reason #1 For Creating Abstract Photos: Enough of This Photographic "Copy and Paste"

Until now, you may not have considered creating abstract photographs. You may be a photographer with a passion for illustrative photography. But do you ever think there may already be enough iconic and descriptive photographs?

Think about the last photo project you did or think about the next one you will do. Open a web browser to search for images that have already been published on these topics. You will be surprised by the number of photos you will find related to the subject you have or will be working on.

You may also be impressed by the quality of the photos that will be proposed to you. Do not forget that the technological capabilities and technical skills you use are available to every other photographer. It is up to you to use those capabilities and skills as well as your individual self to create fascinating and original photos.

Personally, I think that most of the photos produced are just an exercise in style. They represent a classical photographic perspective. The photos are well framed, well composed, sharp, and they have the correct amount of exposure. But they are not really creative and different from each other. In short, most of the photos you see are photographic “copy and paste.”

The reason is simple. Most of these photographers do not have a strong photographic why. Moreover, they do not have a clear photographic approach. They find it difficult to stand out from each other and exist independently

Reason #2 For Creating Abstract Photos: It Is a Creative Alternative

Abstract photography is an alternative to this classical photographic perspective.

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If from today, you decide to take the step and create abstract photos, you will open new creative doors to your imagination. You will awaken your attention to small everyday miracles that surround you. And believe me, the possibilities are endless.

I am speaking to you with full knowledge of the facts because I have lived this experience. At the beginning it was very unsettling. I had to question myself. But a few weeks later after living with this mindset, I was literally transformed. I was creating totally different photos than I had been and entering new creative territories. This was even felt in my symbolic conceptual photographs. When I began noticing different points of view, it impacted the meaning of my photos. Even the black and white photos were completely turned upside down. Abstract photography had opened new horizons for me. I was developing the photos in a totally different way.

Reason #3 For Creating Abstract Photos: Tell Your Story

A third reason to create abstract photos is that it will provide a way for you to tell your own story.

I am not talking here about your work or family history, but about your own personal history. I am talking about that which constitutes your identity, your soul. What defines your photographic identity in the world? I believe that abstract photography is imbued with existential questioning. This is how I perceive it. That is why I create photographic works in this theme.

I am passionate about water and mineral landscapes. They are important sources of inspiration for me. When I find myself at the seaside or in my floating lure, I truly feel like myself. These are often times when I feel like taking stock of my life. They are moments of introspection that I need to continue to move forward every day. In these introspective phases, a discourse engages between my emotions, my sensitivity, and my imagination. It then leads to the creation of my abstract photographic works. It is a process that I am unable to explain in detail fully, and yet I follow the same routine in my creative work again and again. These are subtle steps that are put in place for my mind to create photos that not only resemble me but also share the things I wish to say with my audience.

Reason #4 For Creating Abstract Photos: Pushing the Limits of Your Photographic Artistry


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